Dasha Astafieva “forgot” to wear underwear under transparent dress


The model was placed in the social network spicy photos.

Ukrainian singer, actress and model Dasha Astafieva has posted on his page in Instagram racy photos.

On it the star of “Swingers” engraved in the translucent dress.

“Photography as a effect litmus indicator definitions reaction environment…That’s why, before you say Yes, I always require the idea of shooting. If she catches me, makes no sense to spend the time and effort of the whole team. Often, brilliant in a simple. Most of my strong tandems, it ended up that we did not come out from the hotel room”, – has signed a snapshot of Daria.

“Oh my God you are beautiful”, “I think we need a law prohibiting to be like you”, “You are beautiful, always admire you”, “drop-dead gorgeous!”, “You are good as always!” “Classy,” “Pure and natural beauty, but in General the divine”, “Great! Princess Leia or any other character of fiction films,” wrote the admiring followers Dasha in comments under a photo in Instagram.


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