Darth Vader Isopods in the ocean found an awesome view of the animals


Дарт Вейдер Изопод: в океане найден устрашающий вид животных Being found at the bottom of the Indian ocean.

A fortnight, scientists from the National University of Singapore and the Indonesian Institute studied the bottom of the Indian ocean in the southern part of the island of Java. During this period, they were able to collect 12 thousand previously unknown marine life.

Especially interested in “the lobster with a chainsaw”, hermit crabs new type, blood shrimp, as well as an unusual “deep sea cockroaches”.

The latest creation, as noted by experts, never in these waters are not met. Found “cockroach” named Darth Vader by Isopods. Scientists do not remember when the last time was studied depth near the South of Java. Expert Peter Ng had no idea what the creation are found at the bottom.

In the coming years, scientists will study found creatures. By 2020 they plan to publish the first progress report.


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