Danske Bank a day lost 1.6 billion it reported on laundering of money of Putin and the FSB


Danske Bank за сутки потерял 1,6 млрд на сообщениях об отмывании денег Путина и ФСБ

Danske Bank shares tumbled almost 4%, and its market capitalization declined by $ 1.6 billion per day on reports that his “daughter” in Estonia could be used for money laundering by Russians associated with special services and top leadership of the country, reports Finanz.ru.

Currently, the Bank conducts an internal investigation, which it plans to complete this year. Chief Executive officer of Danske markets Thomas Borgen said yesterday that the Bank should have been more responsive to the signs of money laundering in the Estonian unit.

The day that Danske Bank said: “We began a thorough investigation to get to the bottom of what at that time was in our Estonian branch.” The Bank stressed that it had closed “all the considered portfolio” relating to non-residents-Russians.

In addition, to reopen the investigation against the Bank Management for the financial supervision of Estonia.

On the eve of the Danish newspaper Berlingske wrote that the family members of Russian President Vladimir Putin and members of the Russian FSB may have been involved in massive money laundering through the largest Bank in Denmark. Journalists have referred to a report of an unknown person, sent to the Bank’s management in Copenhagen in December 2013.

In the report it was reported that the fraudulent scheme was used from 2011 to 2014 in the Estonian division of the Bank. In the summer of 2013 to his leadership “became known that his client is a registered UK company under the name Lantana Trade LLP – provided false information about their financial reports to the British authorities.”

Division of the Bank beginning in relation to Lantana Trade LLP investigation. It also began examining the activities of approximately 20 associates, which often translated to each other large sums of money through accounts in Danske Bank Estonia.

In 2013, Danske Bank closed about 20 accounts of companies allegedly involved with Russia, after telling the informant that the Department was involved in suspicious and possibly illegal activity.

Information Danish edition picked up by the Western media. So, the British The Guardian writes that the Estonian managers Danske Bank received from Russia a tip about the relationship of Lantana with the “Preservance”, which collapsed in 2016, when it was discovered the disappearance of 3 billion rubles.

One of the members of the Board of “Preservance” was Igor Putin, a cousin of the Russian President and principal shareholder, banker Alexander Grigoriev, which could be associated with the FSB. Others were Aleksey Kulikov, who was arrested in 2016 and charged with “large scale fraud”. Now Grigoriev and Kirillov in jail.

The British newspaper also said that all three of Russians “was closely involved in a scandal with Deutsche Bank, which acknowledged that in 2011-2015, its Moscow branch was engaged in a “mirror transaction”. The scheme allowed Russian VIP-clients to translate roubles in dollars in associated legal entities that “bought” and “sold” the same amount of securities.

Leonhardt Pihl, head of the Association of shareholders of Denmark, said the latest revelations make a big difference. Putin’s name, even if it is only relative, “was impressed,” said Pihl.

Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov said Tuesday that “it’s not a question of the Kremlin” and know nothing about it.


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