Dangerous kitchen: treat burns


Опасная кухня: лечим ожоги

What to do if burned in the kitchen?

The kitchen is the heart of the house, the patrimony hostess and the place is really dangerous for health. The reason — increased injury risk in connection with the use of sharp kitchen tool and proximity to sources of heat. And that thermal burns — the most common causes of “kitchen” injuries.

Often get burned in the kitchen boiling water, hot oil or other fat and also touching a hot plate, pan, fire from the burner. In addition, we should not forget about the high probability of burned by steam from all the boiling fluids.

Classification of thermal burns standard and does not depend on the place where skin damage was obtained.

First degree burns are superficial, do not go beyond the top layer of skin, characterized by its redness, and within a couple of days pass without a trace.

Second-degree burns also are superficial, but apart from the area of redness corresponding to the exposure of the hot liquid or vapor on the skin may appear filled with turbid yellowish contents of the bubbles. After healing of such a burn scar is left, and most importantly — avoid adding to the surface of wounds, formed in place of the bubbles.

Third-degree burns capture the sprout layer of the dermis, resulting in necrosis of the damaged area of the skin with subsequent rejection and scarring.

When the fourth degree burns damage extends to the subject tissue, muscles, and other structures

Svetlana Levchenko, surgeon, clinic “Asteri-Med”, Moscow:

“Usually the traditional burns in the kitchen a shallow, extremely rare among them you can find third-degree burns, more often the degree of damage to the skin is minimal. Because of this, the treatment of these burns can be performed at home.

In the first place, immediately after a burn need to be put in place from the damaged skin of the excess heat. This measure not only helps relieve the pain and burning but also helps to prevent further spread of the thermal wave in the skin, damaging deeper structures. Cooling the skin, immersing the limb in a basin of cold water and ice, put it on the damaged area fabric cold compress. It is unacceptable to wipe the ice-damaged skin to trigger its microdamages. In addition, you cannot coat the area of skin burn with oil, fat sour cream, cream. Film of grease prevents the abstraction of heat from the skin. If the skin still appeared bubbles, puncture them, too, is impossible: so you can make the infection.

After sufficient cooling space of the burn (typically, this subsides the pain and burning sensation), you must use aerosol for external use, containing dexpanthenol, such as the original drug toPantanassaaerosol for external use. It has anti-inflammatory effect, improves tissues regeneration and is rapidly absorbed (absorbed) by the skin. There are no age restrictions, possible hypersensitivity, use in children should be under adult supervision *

In contrast to ointments or creams, aerosol for external use easy to apply and quickly absorbed without leaving greasy spots.

You need to be very careful when you buy medication at the pharmacy, as there are a number of analogues, the packing of which is often visually similar to the original drug – “Pantanassaaerosol for external use. The original drug (Pantanassa“) spray for external use is sold in a white package with orange letters and a smiley face next to the name of the drug. In the new packaging (in 2017) there is a sign “produced in Europe””

From burns in the kitchen, no one is immune, even those who carefully and responsibly comply with the safety regulations. Timely first aid and a means of stimulating the regeneration of damaged skin, help quickly alleviate discomfort promote healing of burns.

* Instruction on medical application “Pantanassa” Reg. SP. P # 012187/01 from 22.08 2011


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