Dangerous diseases that may be confused with a cold


Symptoms that cannot be ignored.

World-renowned experts have stated that harmless at first glance, the symptoms can be signs of serious diseases, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to Accents.

At first it may seem like a common cold. Cough, weakness, sore throat, temperature. It would seem, nothing serious, but, whatever. These are the first signs of cancer. This was stated by British experts who conducted a series of surveys. They say that such symptoms can indicate the onset of blood cancer.

After all, when blood cancer is just beginning to settle in your body, then it is indistinguishable from standard cold. Especially in the cold season. Many people think that he was sick, and nothing, self-will.

Also, doctors say that if you feel unwell, you need to more carefully monitor the state of health and how the body is changing. If the symptoms for a long time does not pass, even after intensive treatment, you should immediately contact the relevant specialists.

As with seasonal flu are often confused with a disease like mononucleosis. Patients can severely weaken the immune system, and in a matter of days damaged liver. In addition to the standard symptoms such as chills, weakness, malaise, the disease is characterized by inflammation of the lymph nodes.

Two more unpleasant diseases that can appear during a cold – meningitis, and pneumonia.

Experts recommend not to delay it, and at the first serious symptoms, consult certified professionals for help.


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