Danger: the danger of the first vaping


Опасность: чем грозит первый вейп

Even a single use of electronic vaporizers may lead to vascular dysfunction, warn researchers from the University of West Virginia. About the experiments, they told the meeting of the American society of physiologists dedicated to the ageing of the cardiovascular system.

Scientists have measured the diameter of the artery, the ability of blood vessels to expand (vasodilation) and the stiffness of the aorta in female mice after short-term and long-term effects flavored vapor from electronic vaporizers.

They found that after a five minute exposure of the artery in mice narrowed by 30%, vasodilation was also reduced.

A prolonged exposure to vapor from electronic vaporizers (20 hours per week for eight months) also caused significant negative effects: aortic wall of mice exposed, were two times stiffer than the control group that breathed regular air.

“We first demonstrated that even a single exposure to vapor may have a negative impact on the condition of the vessels and that regular exposure greatly accelerates age-related changes in aortic stiffness, the authors write operation. —

These data show that the electronic vaporizers should not be considered safe.”

Last year, researchers found that pairs of flavored liquids for electronic cigarettes contain dangerous levels of carcinogenic chemical compounds. The researchers measured the concentration of 12 aldehydes in pairs, produced three of the most popular vaami. Tested both flavoured and non-flavoured liquid.

When using liquids with aromatic additives in the concentration of aldehydes was significantly higher compared with the levels of concentration of aldehydes in the vapor without additives.

Pair all the aromatic liquids produced by the tested e-cigarettes contained aldehydes with concentration in a few (hundreds) times higher than permissible limits.

And another group of scientists held a semi-annual survey at the beginning and end of which collected data on 3 084 the tenth of the ten schools in Los Angeles. The object of the study, it became adolescents, as 90% of smokers admit that they acquired the habit in his youth.

At baseline, 33% of students reported that they had used electronic vaporizers at least once. 4% did so one to two times in the last 30 days, 5% regular. The rest have never used electronic vaporizers.

Six months later, 25% of young vapers were regularly Smoking cigarettes, 21% to smoke from time to time.

For comparison: the share addicted to cigarettes among those students who were not fond of vaping, was only 2%.

However, for those who are already addicted to cigarettes, e-vaporizers can become a way to get rid of bad habits — American researchers have noted that the growth of users of electronic vaporizers in the United States among the adult population accompanied by a marked increase in the number of throwing or quitters. The results showed that people who switched to electronic vaporizers, has made more attempts to quit than those who did not use them (65% vs. 40%), and they often managed to give up tobacco.

Besides, electronic spiritline dautrive smokers to fat.

The average person, who refused from cigarettes, gaining about 5 pounds in the first year, his body no longer receives nicotine, which suppresses hunger.

This problem is partially solved by using nicotinecontaining therapy, in which nicotine enters the body via tablets, patches, sprays, chewing gum. Based on previous research on the effects of tobacco on the body and the connection between taste and flavor and satiety, researchers believe that using e-vaporizers may be the best alternative therapy – and can help you make a smooth transition from liquids with high nicotine content for beznikotinovye.


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