Daily Star: electromagnetic weapon of Russia will “take down a whole army”


Daily Star: электромагнитное оружие России сможет "выводить из строя целые армии"

Russian scientists are developing a “secret weapon” – electronic missiles “Alabuga”, writes the Daily Star.

According to the British tabloid, by using microwave radiation it is able to disable the communications system and neutralize enemy vehicles.

Daily Star: электромагнитное оружие России сможет "выводить из строя целые армии"

Russia is working on a “secret weapon“, which is “more powerful than a nuclear bomb” and can “incapacitate entire armies“. We are talking about electromagnetic rocket “Alabuga”, which is due to microwave radiation is able to switch off all electronics the enemy in a radius of 3.5 km, writes the Daily Star.

The military plans to install these weapons on the drones to scare off enemy aircraft. Among other things, this system can be used for the destruction of missile warheads and communication devices on the aircraft. It also “inhibits the automatic loading tanks, artillery shells explode inside the turret and kill the enemy soldiers hiding underground at a depth of 100 meters, with the help of radiation, “says the British tabloid.


The researchers have also shown machine remote mine “Foliage” that can neutralize explosives remotely. It detects and undermines radio-controlled bombs, using microwave radiation. Over the next two years the Russian army will receive 150 vehicles of this type, emphasizes the Daily Star.


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