Daily consumption of this product reduces the risk of stroke by a quarter


Ежедневное употребление этого продукта снижает риск инсульта на четвертьThe researchers tested 500 thousand people.

As a result of prolonged research has been proven that eating one egg per day significantly reduces the risk of stroke.

The journal of the American medical Association published the results of research experts from China and the UK, which concluded that eating one egg a day reduces stroke risk by a quarter.

Researchers recruited 500 thousand people aged 30 to 80 years to participate in the experiment. The respondents had each day to eat an egg, and for the others no recommendation was not. Experts have observed over the health of the subjects for four years.

The results of the experiment, those subjects who each day ate one egg, the risk of stroke decreased by 26% and decreased the risk of heart attack.

However, there is evidence that regular consumption of large amounts of eggs, more than three a day, increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. It is in the content of cholesterol in four eggs it contains 50% more of the daily value. But other studies show that because of the egg cholesterol is not growing. It is better to follow the norm and eat in a balanced way.


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