Dagestan, Chechnya and Kamchatka will receive the largest subsidies from the budget


Дагестан, Чечня и Камчатка получат крупнейшие дотации из бюджета

Thirteen Russian regions 85 will receive exactly half of the grants for leveling the budget provision allocated by the Ministry of Finance for 2018. It is said the materials for the draft Federal budget for 2018-2020, says RBC.

In total, this kind of subsidies to the regions from the budget will receive in 2018 645,1 billion rubles, which is 5% higher than a year earlier.

In 2016, the Ministry of Finance announced that changes the model of support of regional budgets. In particular, it was decided to reduce the issuance of loans (and now and it’s abandoned) and increase the amount of funds on the provision of subsidies. In September of this year, Finance Minister Anton Siluanov also said that subsidies for leveling the budget supply to increase in 2018 by the amount of increase that 1% tax base for tax on profit, which from 2017 transferred from the regions to the Federal budget and distributed among those in need of actors.

The largest recipient of grants for equalization for the third consecutive year will be the Dagestan Republic — the Republic will receive more than 59 billion, which is 6.6 billion rubles more than this year. And the greatest increase in volume of subsidies in 2018 will demonstrate Yakutia in 2018 the Republic will receive for leveling the budget supply of 7.3 billion roubles more and will become the second largest recipient of this grant. The third largest grant — more than 39.3 billion rubles — will be sent to Kamchatka Krai.

These regions are among the highly subsidized, whose share depends on the maximum Federal transfers: the share of Federal subsidies in their budget revenues exceeds 40%. Also heavily subsidized are Altai Krai (in 2018 subsidy to the alignment will increase by 4.5 billion to 27.1 billion), Chechnya (the grant will amount to 27 billion rubles), Crimea (17.7 billion rubles), Tyva (15,7 billion roubles), Ingushetia (9.2 billion rubles), Karachay-Cherkessia (9.1 billion rubles).


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