Crossover Hyundai Tucson of new generation came on the tests


Hyundai Tucson passes the tests of transmission.

Thoroughly upgraded crossover Hyundai Tucson first caught the eye of photospin.

It seems that at the moment Hyundai Tucson test pass transmission, writes the online edition of the with reference to NV.

This may explain that the crossover, draped in a dense camouflage, made to pull a heavy trailer.

Rather, we are witnessing a version of Tucson with a new 2.5-liter engine of the family Theta3 paired with eight-speed automatic, and, according to preliminary data, the engine will be as atmospheric modification and version with turbo, capable of developing up to 350 HP

Addition to this engine will be the 1.6-litre diesel for the European market and, possibly, a hybrid powerplant from Hyundai Sonata, providing 192 HP

How will look the new generation of Tucson, while, for obvious reasons, hard to say, but the company has promised that the car will get “stunning”. We can assume, in exterior implement the same practices that are applied on the body of the new Sonata.

It would seem that we should not expect the debut of new items in the near future. However, Hyundai apparently is not going to lose time and will roll out the new Tucson in the second half of next year.


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