Crimes uncovered thanks to Google Earth. Photo


Преступления, раскрытые благодаря Google Earth. ФотоThe revolutionary project has shown many interesting things.

When Google launched projects Earth and Street View, it was the map services to a new level with the help of which you can easily “move” to anywhere in the world and consider pictures of her with unprecedented high resolution. The information is updated regularly and thus allows you to keep your finger on the pulse and find a lot of interesting, amusing and even sinister. There were cases, when thus disclosed the crime.

15. Tax evasion in Italian

Преступления, раскрытые благодаря Google Earth. Фото

One enterprising Italian has sold his Villa in Sardinia and wanted to cheat. He said the tax office that sold the property for just € 280,000. Tax authorities became suspicious and decided to look closely at this Villa on Google Earth. When they saw her size as well as a fantastic place where it was located, we immediately understood that something was wrong. It turned out that the real sale price was so great that the owner had to pay taxes for 7 million euros.

14. Sex in a public place in English

Преступления, раскрытые благодаря Google Earth. Фото

This sweet couple was caught under a bridge in Manchester at the most inopportune moment. It is unclear whether this relationship is the result of a deep mutual affection or a business deal, but it definitely was a rude violation of public order. However, the attackers managed to escape justice. I do not advise to repeat this – because the Google Street View does not sleep!

13. Agriculture in Swedish

Преступления, раскрытые благодаря Google Earth. Фото

Corn field, it seems, is a perfect place to hide something illegal, because corn is a common crop and no one will be suspicious if you suddenly decide to plant it to his site… However, the Swedish police once investigated the case and searched for using Google Earth one house, with only a partial description. And near the house was a field that the top didn’t look so innocent, like the earth, in the midst of conventional maize was easily observed green plantation of marijuana 2 acres. In the end major police operation arrested 16 people and seized 1.2 tons of marijuana.

12. Cutting down trees canadian

Преступления, раскрытые благодаря Google Earth. Фото

In some countries cutting down certain types of trees without official permission is illegal. For example, what happened in Vancouver (Canada). The owner of the land on which grew more than 20 cedars and cypresses, decided to get rid of them. And appeared in court on charges of illegal logging – the good evidence from Google Street View was rife. There were shots of trees before cutting, and pictures of fresh stumps, and they were done right in the day when the trees are cut down, and the pictures got even a truck, which came to work.

11. Unauthorized construction in Greek

Преступления, раскрытые благодаря Google Earth. Фото

To build a home swimming pool, residents of Athens (Greece) are obliged to obtain prior permission. The authorities believed that in the wealthy suburbs of illegally built about 300 private pools, but from time to time nothing did. When trouble in the economy, the government has established a special service, which began to test the property for the presence of unauthorized buildings using Google Earth. It was discovered that in fact illegally built swimming pools in the back yards not 300, but about 17 000. And not only pools people have built extensions and even entire houses without any approvals. Well, the state had a chance to somehow improve their plight and fined all offenders.

10. Car theft in English

Преступления, раскрытые благодаря Google Earth. Фото

In 2010, Derbyshire (UK) in broad daylight stole a car right from the house of her owner. Such things happen all the time and find the hijackers rarely. But in this case to catch the culprit helped Google Street View: a year after the hijacking updated pictures of the area. Incredibly, they were sealed in the very moment when the thief was preparing to hijack! After some time, the perpetrator was found and arrested.

9. Gardening American

Преступления, раскрытые благодаря Google Earth. Фото

A resident of Wisconsin (USA) was arrested by the police when he found 18 pounds (8 kg) of marijuana. Unfortunately for man, he was able to present not just storage. It turned out that the neck he wears a GPS device, and when the police checked the coordinates of those points where he went, it very quickly came to the place where he grew marijuana. So I brought it all, we can say, on a silver platter.

8. Murder on the lake in Dutch

Преступления, раскрытые благодаря Google Earth. Фото

The mystery was solved immediately and for some time agitated the Internet. Wandering through Google Earth, a user found something that looked like the scene of a horrific crime. Lake, pier, and someone bent over a dark figure on this pier is clearly with bad intentions. And next to something like a trail of blood stretching from the shore. The picture was taken at the city Park in Almere (the Netherlands). Fortunately, the mystery was soon resolved: the shadowy figure was a dog that jumped into the lake and swam to shore, and then ran back to his master, standing on the pier. Blood was splashing water on a wooden platform. Well, all’s well that ends well.

7. Suicide American

Преступления, раскрытые благодаря Google Earth. Фото

A resident of Michigan (USA) David Lee Niles went missing in 2006 and his family was devastated. They had no idea where he could go, and I thought I would never know. But a few years later, one person was decorating a very tall Christmas tree on the street near the lake and noticed a strange shape at the bottom, which looked like the outline of the car. Using Google Earth this conjecture could be confirmed. The car pulled in it was the remains of David Lee Niles, his keys and wallet. David was terminally ill and apparently decided to commit suicide.

6. Party Brooklyn

Преступления, раскрытые благодаря Google Earth. Фото

At first glance, this picture looks completely harmless: just three dudes stopped to chat in front of the store on one of the Brooklyn streets, which in itself is not a crime. But the police were interested in this picture, because it’s a known drug dealer. What they forgot in this place? It was decided to set up a surveillance, and it soon became clear that this is one of their regular spots. In the end, the police managed to conduct a special operation and arrested several members of a large criminal group, making thus the new York streets a little cleaner.

5. Maniac with an axe Scotch

Преступления, раскрытые благодаря Google Earth. Фото

Another example, when we see not what is really going on. Those who in 2014 would look at Google Street View the surrounding area on Giles street in Leith (Scotland), would be shocked. They would see the person pursues a mad maniac with axe. The following screenshot pursued already lying on the ground after the attack. Actually no crime in this case was not even vigilant citizens sent these pictures to the police. It turned out that two of the mechanic noticed the Google car and decided to have some fun, razygraev this whole scene. Fortunately, police humor, too, was not alien.

4. Greed is the American way

Преступления, раскрытые благодаря Google Earth. Фото

One owner boat in Florida (USA) was accused that he left his boat in the wrong place and did not pay the fee ($18). But found it using Google Earth: just compared the pictures with other marinas in the area, found the right boat and found out the name of the owner. The man was arrested, charged a fine of 5,000 dollars and 5 years to life in prison in case convicted in court. It would be better, $ 18 paid.

3. The best detroits

Преступления, раскрытые благодаря Google Earth. Фото

In Detroit (United States) Google Street View car not seen as friendly as in other places. These young gangsters were clearly unhappy, and one immediately pulled out a gun and began to aim at the car. Unfortunately, to bring him in for such behavior to justice is impossible, as it has the right to bear arms on its territory. And his uncle was arrested, but later released. This house has a generally bad history: a year ago they found a dead one-year-old girl locked in the closet, and her family insisted that it was an accident. But, judging by the inhabitants of the house, it is hard to believe.

2. Robbery in Oklahoma city

Преступления, раскрытые благодаря Google Earth. Фото

A resident of Oklahoma city has experienced a great shock when her home was invaded by a gang of robbers. She was held at gunpoint for more than an hour, while the thieves ransacked the house in search of valuables. Then they managed to escape, leaving no clues and the case would become a “cold”, if not no Google Street View! After a while, after upgrading the Google data, it was found that pictures caught homebound women robbers. And although three years have passed since the Commission of the crime, police were able to gather information on suspects, to make sketches and to declare these people wanted.

1. Bike theft in Dutch

Преступления, раскрытые благодаря Google Earth. Фото

This is probably the most famous case justice was served thanks to Google Street View. The 14-year-old boy in the Netherlands bullies in daylight brazenly robbed of bike, phone and money. Six months the police couldn’t find any clues, until the guy, to his surprise, saw himself on the bike in the photos taken by Google. Surprisingly, the pictures were taken just before the robbery, and they got two thieves, approaching the guy. It was the twin brothers, famous thieves, not just fall into the police. They were arrested and put in jail. Here’s a happy end for a 14-year-old, who thought his attackers and no one ever will be punished.


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