Crimeans must remember that we cut off their electricity and water and return


Крымчане должны забыть, что мы отключали им свет и воду и вернуться

 The residents of Crimea wanted to remain part of Ukraine, as the Peninsula was not of Ukrainian schools and Newspapers.

Such opinion on a press-conferences in Kiev was expressed by the former editor-in-chief of the newspaper “Izvestia in Ukraine” Yanina Sokolovskaya, today serving as a political expert.


“The return of the Crimea, in fact, it is a long process, – says the expert. – The Ukrainian authorities did nothing in Crimea, we loved. We opened up to them as much as one Ukrainian school – and then, in the times of Leonid Kuchma. We never promoted the Ukrainian idea, Ukrainian authorities did not finasiroval those already two Ukrainian-language Newspapers that were published in the Crimea, and they didn’t have the chance to make expansion on the Crimean market. We let the situation slide, and given the ethnic composition of the Crimea, of course, looking in the direction of Russia, it seemed to him that there are mountains of gold.”

“Now. having lived in a part of Russia, Crimea was convinced that people, of course, polite, but the mountain is not covered with diamonds, and it is the same in General for financial reasons life, as was part of Ukraine, describes the prevailing Sokolowski, in its opinion, the mood in Crimea. – So it will take some time to cool emotions, Crimeans should forget, as the mainland Ukraine they turned off the light and water and gas. That is, should pass some process. We have to tell people why they should love us, not them. And that, in fact, the task of the Ukrainian propagandists”.


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