Crimea: real Estate in hostages of the dollar?


Крым: Недвижимость в заложниках доллара?

On the website of the American edition of EurasiaNet news, which tells of the prices in the primary and secondary housing in the Republic of Crimea. According to the author, property prices in the Crimea after joining the Peninsula to Russia jumped to the ceiling.

So, the publication says that local sellers in 2014 raised the value of their apartments 100%. Many still refuse to lower the bar, but most sellers still have reduced their requests to an average of 70%.

The author argues that the reason for the dramatic price increase was the increased price of the dollar. But this view of the edition is debatable.

Apartment prices really began to differ from the price that was three years ago. However, these changes have little to do with the change rate of the ruble to the dollar. Here, for the most part, the change in pricing occurred due to the fact that the Peninsula is fully translated into the Russian currency and, of course, prirovnyat to the Russian standard of living.

When the Crimea was part of Ukraine, housing prices were significantly lower. This is due to the quality of life of the population, economy and social sphere.

Now that the Peninsula is Russian, lives of people have changed literally beyond recognition. The prices in the stores are the same as in all other subjects of the Russian Federation. Accordingly, apartment prices also considered to be Russian.

Yes, housing in the Crimea is now as well as in the average Russian cities. There are a couple of good reasons.

The first is that the Peninsula is geographically located in a favorable area: a comfortable warm climate, beautiful nature, clean air.

The second reason is infrastructure. Crimea is considered to be a rather advanced subject of the Federation. There is work, there are cultural activities, there are hospitals, schools, universities and much more.

Not surprisingly, housing prices on the Peninsula is now higher than it was a couple of years ago. This is not good, not bad. These are the current realities that can only be explained by movement forward and progress!


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