Crimea has completely passed the cards on the “World”


Крым полностью перешел карты на "Мир"

Servicing Mastercard and Visa cards in the Crimea stopped. Latest credit organization JSC “GenBank” defected to the domestic analogue “World.” It should be noted that full-scale replacement made absolutely for free. Hurt do it to someone in Russia? We can say unequivocally no, because the functionality of these cards is similar, including the possibility of contactless payment.

What is the reason for the decision to move on to “the World”? Of course, this response to the sanctions imposed against Russian banks and U.S. counterparts in 2014, when the United States decided to stop providing services to any of their companies.

In early August, from the Crimea went to the last Western hotel chain. What? Really in Russia it will be impossible to find a replacement? It is more than easy. It is not only the possibility of increasing profits without having any transfers abroad, but the idea for a start-up local entrepreneurs in such a lucrative segment of the market.

Same story with the cards. What American cards are gradually fading into the background, no one gets in. “Peace” is similar will allow you to make purchases in online stores, if someone is going through. In the end, while skeptical citizens screaming that sanctions, we will not survive, Russia quietly found a replacement for everything tried to take the West.

We’ll see, maybe the new package of sanctions from the US will give us the opportunity for self-realization in any sphere.


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