Created an advanced robot for programmers


Создан продвинутый робот для программистов The Americans released the robot to the programmers for $1500

Toy maker Sphero last year formed a new company, which was engaged in developing advanced robotics for home use.

The other day Misty Robotics presented their brainchild — Misty I Developer Edition, which is aimed at programmers. It is positioned as an affordable advanced programmable robot for personal use.

Misty will cost I of $1500, making it not too affordable. However, it is not another robot toy, such as Robert Sphero from “Star wars”.

The scanner in the forehead of the robot allows you to create maps of areas where he implemented algorithms for the recognition of objects and individuals, a set of sensitive microphones, the sensors obstacles. In addition, on Board Misty I carries two independent Snapdragon processor, a monitor instead of a face allows for some operations “on the spot”, in the case of the robot built interfaces for connecting third-party devices.


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