Created a robot for playing games with your cat


Создан робот для игр с вашим котомUseful invention.

Gomer, the robot is able to move around the house, learn of the host to respond to commands and play with the animals

Enthusiasts from China raise money for home robot named Gomer.

The device has a manipulator and is designed to play with children and Pets.

For example, he can pick up small things and hide them: to take their toys at animals and tease them. Gomer has the function of patrolling the territory and learns of his master in the face. Also robot can be controlled using the program.

Gomer equipped with a camera that shoots in 720 pixels, has wheels for movement, sensors for orientation in space and Quad core processor. Thanks to the open source system, anyone can write the commands for the robot.

The project, which the company GLI Gomer launched on the Indiegogo platform, has already collected 45 million Dollars in needed 25 thousand basic version of the toy will cost $ 229.


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