Crazy: Thailand mass “adopt” dolls


С ума сойти: в Таиланде массово «усыновляют» кукол New fad conquered the country.

In Thailand the rampant and horrible fascination — adults “adopt” the dolls, believing that they inhabit by spirits (e.g., killed in the abortion of children). The Thais worship their favorite dolls, carry them everywhere with them and believe that they bring good luck.

Thailand seized the doll Look Thep (Thep Bow, literally “child-God”, they are the same Child Angels). Across the country opened shops selling clothes and jewellery for Bow Thep, beauty salons for Bow Thep. Care about the dolls, feed them, clothe, and Japanese restaurant in the suburbs of Bangkok even launched a special menu for Bow Thep.

These dolls appeared in Thailand in 2013, and their popularity is still growing. One day, a woman by the name of Manana Bunmi, upset by the poor behavior of their 17-year-old son made the doll and using amulets, talking to her, giving the doll a part of the soul of the child. Just remember Chucky and similar stories of horror. But in this case, the doll helped the mother to cope with an unruly teenager.

After the reverent care of the doll and religious rites (the woman took the doll to the temple to pray together about the best behavior of the son) the young man settled down, threw a bad company, found a job and started Dating a girl. For Manage Bunmi wore doll named Petch gold rings on each finger. And then took the pseudonym of Mama ning and began mass production of dolls with a soul, calling them the Bow Thep, “the Child angel”.

Popular animated dolls can be explained by the characteristics of the culture: despite the spread of Buddhism, many Thais believe in spirits and ghosts, which dwell in any subject. Why would a Ghost live in a cute doll like a living baby?

The prototype Bow Thep become traditional amulets kuman thong embryos (Kuman Thong), in which lives the soul of a child and which was made of deaths of premature babies. For the production of Onion Thep do not want to disturb the soul of the dead foetus: Mother ning arranges a special ceremony that calls upon the goddess. To spice Onion Thep, the goddess creates a new soul of the child.

Thais believe that the more carefully coaxed the doll, the more luck it will bring you. The owners treat the dolls as their own children, comb their hair, bathe, dress, tell them stories and put to bed. Dolls to take into the temples, they hold ceremonies of blessing, pray with them.


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