Craftsman restored 90-year-old Loryc parts from Opel


Умелец отреставрировал 90-летний Loryc деталями от OpelCraftsman from people Charlie-Heinz Bosch engaged in the revival of company car Loryc, which was released on Mallorca for more than ninety years ago.

Opel Adam he donated parts for the restoration of the car, so the car will be slightly redesigned with a modern twist.

The hardware will be brand new. Remade Charlie-Heinz Bosch Loryc will be absolutely safe for the environment, as it will be equipped with an electric motor, although the original model of course in those days it had a petrol engine. Craftsman completely removed the internal combustion engine to make room for the electric motor.

The master signed a contract with Opel. The automobile Corporation by merging donated to him parts from the modern model of Adam. As a result of restoration the car looks indistinguishable from the original. Changed but there were also other hardware devices in the car such as rear axle, brake, steering wheel, front suspension. All this BOSH replaced on parts of a modern car Opel Adam.

By European standards, the weight of the car with the motor shall not exceed four hundred and fifty pounds, so the wizard had to fight for every gram weight of the upgraded vehicle Loryc. Opel gave him the lightest components for the restoration.


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