Craftsman has turned a Volga GAZ-21 in a stylish coupe


Умелец превратил Волгу ГАЗ-21 в стильное купе GAZ-21 is a landmark vehicle for the Soviet automobile industry.

He is very beautiful and many dreamed of a stylish coupe based on the “Volga”.

Unfortunately, the coupe is not a popular body style and factory “Volga” in this form never done. But dreams exist to come true and someone its still embodied. Looking at pictures of aegeatus hard to believe in its existence, and its beauty is breathtaking.

Car album looks like in the spirit of American hot rods. At the same time, judging by the photo you saved some elements from the original GAZ-21: the upper part of the main power frame saved from the original, though the roof line was lowered and left only two doors. It volgovskoe, not stylized looks and decorative items such as grille, front bumper, door handles, rear lights, bird on the trunk and some other parts. But the hood and fenders, most likely custom-made, probably out of fiberglass. The wings look wider and “muskulistye” original: beneath them enlarged wheel arches, which are huge chrome wheels.

The salon is very close to native, but solid sofa was replaced with separate seat, and metal steering wheel bizarre seemed to have been made under the order. Inside everything is covered in brown leather, but kept the metal elements painted in body color. Unfortunately, no technical details about this luxury project is unknown – we only got pictures.

Умелец превратил Волгу ГАЗ-21 в стильное купе
Умелец превратил Волгу ГАЗ-21 в стильное купе


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