COVID-19: the US became first in the world in number of infected


COVID-19: США стали первыми в мире по числу зараженных

USA was ahead of China in the number of cases COVID-19. France recorded the highest figure for the number of deaths from coronavirus infection. According to the research centre of system science and engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University (USA), the number of people infected in the world is rapidly approaching 550 thousand people.
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France recorded the highest figure for the number of deaths from coronavirus infection per day — 365 people. Eve was 231 fatal. Among the deceased, for the last day in the capital region — a girl 16 years old. In intensive care by Thursday evening there were 3375 patients. A third of them under the age of 60 years.

How to write RFI, since the beginning of the epidemic in France from COVID-19 died 1696 people. We are talking about who died in hospitals. This statistic does not include possible new deaths, for example, in nursing homes. In the near future in the country are going to change the methodology to include the statistics for deaths outside hospitals, and then the number of deaths can increase dramatically.

Only in France have identified more than 29 thousand cases of infection. Nearly five thousand people were recovered.


USA was ahead of China and other countries in the number of reported cases of infection: for three days it has doubled to over 85 thousand. The number of deaths increased for three days, more than 2.5 times — up to 1,290. Most cases of infection recorded in the States of new York (37 802), new Jersey (6876) and CA (3802).

Donald trump explained the high figures, “a well-functioning system of testing.” Experts speak about “a series of mistakes and missed opportunities.”

  • According to the Johns Hopkins University, the total number of cases in the world amounted to 531 860. Died 24 057 people, has recovered 122 203. The three leaders in the number of cases of the United States (85 653), China (81 782), Italy (80 589). The largest number of deaths from COVID-19 Italy — 8215.
  • In China over the past day was 54 new cases of infection. They are all imported. Five people are dead. Recovered 91.6% of those infected, with 537 people in the last day. The Chinese authorities announced that to combat the pandemic from 28 March to temporarily ban the entry of foreign nationals with valid visas and residence permits.
  • In Germany the total number of infected is 44 thousands, died, 267 people, recovered 5673. Chancellor Angela Merkel urged residents to be patient. According to her, it is too early to discuss the withdrawal or even the relaxation of the quarantine rules. Currently, the number of infected people in the country doubles every 4-5 days, writes DW.
  • In Russia the number of cases infected with coronavirus has increased to 840. The new cases are in 18 regions, 136 new infected in Moscow. Died 2 people. The mayor has announced an “unprecedented restrictive measures”, which take effect March 28. The head of the government of the Russian Federation Mishustin instructed from March 28 to suspend the operation of resorts and caterers throughout the country. The regional authorities should encourage citizens to limit travel of the trip, said on Friday the press-service of the government of the Russian Federation.
  • In Belarus, the latest figures on people infected and recovered, the health Ministry of Azerbaijan reported two days ago. Recall, according to March 25, the number of people infected with coronavirus in the country has risen to 86, discharged or ready for discharge 29 patients.
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