Country Loglandia and credit razvodily


Страна Лохландия и кредитные разводилы


For the position of loan officer take almost all have to go just one interview. After the interview you are sent on a five-day training. From ten in the morning until six in the evening a week you teach technical things: how to work with a computer program, what documents to ask from the customers and so on. Tell about more interesting things — technology sales for example. How to sell a man the idea that he really needs a loan.

Going to this mostly young guys, just graduated from high school, or even students. For them it is an opportunity to reach the top, and they behave accordingly — brazen and unprincipled as required from their system.

But the real learning begins, of course, in the process. We work for retail outlets of our partners in such shops as “Eldorado”, “Euroset”, “M-Video”, “White wind”, fur shops, car showrooms and so on. I work in the shop, I have to approach the clients in the room and ask, “would you like to Finance?” I have to identify customer’s needs and literally to persuade him to buy something on credit. If he came just ask the price, I can say, “What are you going to inquire the price? Today take a loan, pay the first time only a month and today goes home with the TV.”

At one point are representatives of several banks, there are those who ponaglee, they can literally steal from you the client. You the buyer has already processed, it is ready to emerge and here comes your competitor and says: “And we have interest rates below come to us.” There were cases when the representatives of the banks in the eyes of the buyers fought among themselves. Often fight, by the way, girls.

About the strange percentage

Every loan that you make is your salary. My salary 17 thousand rubles, from each loan I is the interest. Depending on what I put the client interest rate, and from what additional services I will offer: insurance, transfer to a pension Fund and so on.

I naively believed that people just comes to you and asks for a loan. You request score into the computer, and the Bank him on standard conditions gives out the credit. If the customer wants, he may ask for additional services. But it’s not.

I can man to offer a loan at 20%, 40 %, 50 % and 75 %. I have no criteria to whom to offer a high percentage of whom are low. Only depending on who and what I will be able to breed. Otherwise, all the terms of the loans are the same.

And here comes to the store people, just look around and the loan officer already sees and appreciates in 20, 30 or 70 %.

The names of all of our loan products is also interesting. For example, “1%”, for this loan the person pays 24 % per year. The rules of mathematics, it doesn’t — I thought.

Loan with the name “2%” person pays 40% per annum.

But customers themselves are very rarely something to consider. They kreditchik says: “the Cost of credit of only 1% per month”, they leave satisfied. Regularly pay and do not notice how much money you give to the Bank.

About the Fuckers

If the person is unkempt, poorly dressed, not flogs neither in equipment nor in the credits, asks stupid questions, he can put a cent more. This is a typical goof. If a person is looking for something cheaper, easier to convince to buy something more expensive, but on credit, playing on the vanity: “You will pay for 2 thousand rubles per month, but you will have a very big plasma!” Here and sellers connect, you work in tandem — he praises a product, you extol the loan.

Those who are confident, know what he wants, confidently said: “I am this and that” — with these we must be careful.

Suckers, the vast majority of hundred people, whom you have issued, one or two carefully read the loan agreement.

I am still relatively new, and I only had one unpleasant incident with clients — husband and wife. With them we discussed everything, all signed, they already went to the cashier to pick up the goods, but the wife decided for some reason to multiply the amount of their monthly payment for 24 months (they took the credit for two years). She thought, and how to scream to the entire store! (Overpayment they really were quite serious.) Cashiers hiding, the Director of the shop came to understand what it is. I sat all sweaty, red: this was one of my first clients, and how to reassure this woman, I didn’t know.

Husband finger in the palm of tinkering and just mumbled to his wife: “well, not so much, who cares what the overpayment, but she left with the goods!” But I have got adequate colleagues from the rival Bank. They began to talk to her, “don’t worry, if you pay the loan early, the overpayment will be less. Go to the Bank, they all count”. Steel, in General, to hang noodles on the ears. And it worked. I then tracked — they have consistently paid.

The stealth

We, for example, puts in the contract the person sheet monthly payments, which shows how much he ultimately paid. Ubiraem on the monthly payment, which is usually quite small, even if the loan is very expensive. To say “each month you will pay 2 thousand rubles,” always better than “the phone will cost you 25 thousand rubles.”

Of course, if a person buys a very expensive TV, no one will put him 75 %: the sum turns out decent, any going to be checked.

Some kreditchiki first calculate the client payment amount in one bet, and then insolently already when applying for a loan put a higher interest rate in the hope that people will not grasp the meaning of the contract — often such outright deception laminates.

Yet we earn on the insurance. They happen three kinds: life insurance (if you die or receive disability credit you will pay the Bank), insurance against job loss (you don’t pay the loan, if you lose your job) and insurance of the goods (you will not pay if the product will stop working). All of these insurances is very tricky conditions, for example, insurance against job loss is valid only if you have reduced or the company declared bankruptcy. What product did you hurt not myself, have yet to prove, and so on.

All types of insurance, of course, voluntary, but we are not asking to include them in the contract. And if the client wonders why we have issued him insurance, we say that the Bank already approved the loan with insurance included and if he wants to give up, then it will be necessary to send a request to the Bank again and credit him may not agree. This, of course, a lie. But any insurance increases my bonus twice, so you have to lie.

Of mutual responsibility

From the parameters that you pass for the month, depends not only your salary. Outlet month to do conditionally 3 million rubles. If we haven’t earn, we don’t accrue additional bonuses, and our Manager will not receive a prize.

Of course, we understand that not doing a very good job. Between a constantly joking that all credit specialists will go to hell (although there we are on the devils all loans apply). Yes, we breed people. But we all reassure that people are to blame for their stupidity.

And what we have to do it. We put the problem with which we must cope, no matter what. If you have to cheat — cheat. Why are we subject to those requirements? It is our job, one we have yet.

And the people we employ are different. There is, for example, a Muslim girl from a very religious family. She says she’s in life and at work is two different people. Don’t know what it is in life, but among credit specialists it is also the most bitchy.

Still remember the case for which I am ashamed still, I even slept bad. The guy came for iPhone 4 for his girlfriend. I have issued him a loan at 45% per annum with two insurances, for a year, he pays the Bank 24 thousand rubles, while the price of the phone is 15 thousand. Client however left happy, having heard only the monthly payment in 2,5 thousand rubles. When he left, I looked again at the contract and saw that all of this gave him in his birthday.

About customers

Revenues of our clients usually do not exceed 25-30 thousand rubles, people with a high salary, the Bank does not like, they are often denied a loan: why they take money from a Bank on TV, at a salary of 80 thousand rubles?

Once a loan from my colleagues took the priest out of the Church — on TV. She asks him about salary, he said that he doesn’t have it.

— What are you doing?

— On the donations.

— How much per month?

— Well, 60 leaves.

Threw it very well. For the highest percentage.

By the way, cheating have not only customers, but also your Bank. For example, sometimes we deliberately overstate the level of salary of the person who requests the loan to the Bank just approved it.

Although if my client suddenly stop paying on the loan, it will also affect my salary. But if the percentage of defaulters will be high enough, I was just driving home from work.

We have instructions to whom to give credit is not necessary, this is called “low social status” — people in a condition of alcoholic or narcotic intoxication or if the person came with someone who stands over him and says, “write it here, but here it is.” Then we put a definite tick in the program, that person automatically comes a failure, and he never in our Bank credit can not take.


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