Cough without fever: the causes and methods of treatment


Кашель без температуры: названы причины и способы леченияTherapists suggested the origin of the cough, if it is not the result of a cold or viral diseases.

It often happens that a cough appears without any other symptoms, which could determine the root cause. The worst thing about this situation is that the coughing people may just not pay attention to this symptom, indicating various diseases.

Doctors called the cause of cough without fever:

Whooping cough. The most dangerous infectious disease, because it has “erased” and its symptoms easily confused with SARS. Often manifested in the form of frequent urge to cough. But when the infection spreads throughout the body temperature sharply increases and there is severe bouts of coughing.

Smoking, including passive. The harmful substances inhaled by smokers and those who smoke passively, that is, breathing air saturated with cigarette smoke, destroy the mucous membranes of the bronchi and lungs, so over time, you may receive a cough or infectious bronchitis.

Allergic reaction. Allergies can react cough household chemicals, animal dander, plants and so on. In this case, the person should immediately leave the premises, otherwise it is fraught with anaphylactic shock.

Over-dried air. Especially cough affects people in autumn and in winter when Central heating dries the air in apartments and houses.

The ingress of a foreign object in the Airways. This is an emergency and requires the intervention of doctors, and emergency.

How to treat the cough, if it appeared without temperature?

It is best to consult a doctor who will determine the true cause of the cough and prescribe the effective drugs: antihistamines, mucolytics, anti-inflammatory, or antiviral. If this is not possible and you’re sure you can do it yourself, then you can use national methods of treatment of cough.

Herbal infusions. Cough is good to help the infusions and decoctions of leaves and fruits of raspberry, Linden flower, nettle, mother and stepmother, oak bark, chamomile and other medicinal plants.

The compresses. Mustard plasters, compresses with melted butter, honey wrap the thorax, consisting of potatoes with alcohol and so on.

In any case, no matter how banal cough you did not seem to go to the doctor to determine the cause and appropriate treatment.


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