Cosmic shock: the Universe has found an unusual object-a giant


Космический шок: во Вселенной обнаружили необычный объект-гигант Astronomers surprised by the size of the space findings.

An international team of astronomers were confused by the unexpected findings. The thing is that the robotic telescope was able to capture unusual planet at a distance of 600 light-years from the Solar system.

According to Russian media, the surprise of the scientists caused the size of the planet. Dimensions celestial bodies is only half the size of the star around which it revolves.

The planet was named NGTS-1b, and the results of a study published in the journal Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.

Космический шок: во Вселенной обнаружили необычный объект-гигант

Diameter of the exoplanet NGTS-1b is only two times smaller than the diameter of the sun, around which it revolves. This fact makes the open celestial body the largest (compared to the parent star) in the Universe known to scientists. NGTS-1b is located at a distance of 600 light-years from the Sun. For its size exoplanet Jupiter, but its lighter by about 20 percent.

NGTS-1b belongs to a class of hot Jupiters, the temperature of its outer layers is 530 degrees Celsius, the distance between the star and the heavenly body 33 times less than that between the Sun and the Earth, a year on it lasts only 2.5 hours. Exoplanet is open robotic system of telescopes NGTS (Next Generation Transit Survey).

Because the parent star belongs to the red dwarfs the most common stars in the Universe, the researchers plan to investigate how often such stars are surrounded by large planets.


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