Cosmetologists are suggested to help the skin during the changing seasons


Косметологи подсказали, как помочь коже во время смены сезоновWhat kind of care should your face when the seasons change

Cosmetologists recommend at this time to avoid mineral oil and petrolatum in cosmetic products.

Don’t be tempted by means of mineral oil, petrolatum and silicones in the composition. Silicones in the media provide an instant moisturizing effect, skin immediately looks better, and a lot of it is captivating, but the pores get blocked which leads to inflammation. And the skin should be allowed to breathe.

Replace the scrubs on light serum. Aggressive exfoliants can disturb the skin’s natural lipid barrier, and then the next day after the peel you will get peeling and inflammation. If you see that the skin is thinned, put a strong exfoliating products, especially scrubs, to the best of times. Suitable to the season changes and the alternative – light masks and serums with acids.

Do not apply the cream under the eyes. Don’t be alarmed if you notice the skin under my eyes suddenly appeared wrinkles – they’re dry, not because of age. Nourishing cream which you smear the face, there will not be saved under eyes it may only cause swelling, but the liquid, “aqueous” means and light textures his task is completed – moisturize, smooth and give you a feeling of comfort.


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