Cosmetologists are called the products that are useful for problem skin


Косметологи назвали продукты, полезные для проблемной кожи лицаTo deal with imperfections experts recommend the means at hand.

American beautician Erin Gilbert said that some products are unfairly considered dangerous to the skin. They attributed the ability to cause allergies and irritation, but is it not really? Dermatologist to highlight the products, which, according to her, healthy skin in the form of masks and scrubs and by eating. In particular, it is advised not to be afraid to drink coffee.

“Coffee is a powerful natural antioxidant that protects the skin from the harmful effects of free radicals and ultraviolet radiation,” — said the expert. On the day, in her opinion, you can drink up to three big cups, but strictly no sugar.

Also useful for the skin was red wine. But, as explained by the beautician, this is true if as an appetizer using fruit, and drink no more glasses per day. For those who prefer to eat chocolate, you should know that its combination with alcohol can easily cause unpleasant allergic reactions.

In addition, Erin Gilbert is advised to maintain skin tone tomato paste or tomato juice.

“Tomatoes are rich in vitamins a, C and E, beta-carotene, their use in cosmetics is due to the ability to fight acne and pigmentation, give the skin a healthy appearance,” said the specialist, noting along the way that you need to avoid products with sugar, even in this niche.


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