Corruption of the immortal: about the Central mystery of the Ukrainian mafia groups


Коррупция бессмертна: о главной тайне украинских мафиозных групп

Corruption in the ranks of the Ukrainian Executive, legislative, judicial branch, which is closely connected with bribes, offering “gratitude” in its various manifestations – is not just criminal offences. From the point of view of system theory, this kind of illegal business, the income from which “drip” on the Bank account, but directly into the pockets of civil servants. And if in NABOO, SAP, RRT, GPU think you can fight corruption and bribery, the remedial therapists are sure to fight against this phenomenon, the existing law enforcement system is like spitting against the wind. The ГолосUA learned the secret about Ukrainian mafia groups and shares it with you.

“His” people

If I were asked which occupations to include in the list of the most difficult, I would have mentioned doctors (who save us, diseased or dying); miners which white light can not see, and breathing coal dust; the cleaners, who clean someone else’s dirt; porters, carrying gravity; officers who may be killed on the job.

And, forgive me, those who suffer from the weight of their official duties in other professions, the profession of a journalist I also believe one of the most difficult. The bad news about the price increase, about the mass deaths in the explosion, epidemic diseases, about another poor decision by the authorities – we know first. 7 days a week and less than 24 hours a day. Hard to know what work you expect 99% of the news about something horrible, and only 1% is related to social networks, where we discuss kittens at the glamorous sofas. Or comment on a video, where the man was walking and fell into a puddle. Hilarious.

So, speaking about 99% terrible news every day (!), I mean, many of them connected with the consequences of how in Ukraine there are legislative authorities (Parliament, regional councils, city councils, village councils), Executive (district administration, city and village administrations), as well as courts of all levels.

From the point of view of the law and philosophy of law, this government must work for the benefit of ordinary people for the public interest, and the result is the opposite.

The reason for that, as you can assume, the tradition from the times of Hetman assistants to commanders in Ukraine had become “his people” – blood relatives, relatives of his wife, relatives, childhood friends. Then it was necessary, because all has not yet decrepit old men had weapons – a sword, “châble”, which anyone could suddenly put in the back and needed a reliable person defended.

After a few centuries, from the inception of the traditions of the Cossacks and the army is already in Ukraine, and principles of personnel selection has changed. Princes is, if we are talking about influential people in government, no longer exists – only the heads of government, Ministers, MPs, their assistants and deputies.

But the tradition is still genetic memory, and it has to be considered. So, of course, to get a job in the Executive branch these days “on the job” is possible, but the chances of friends and relatives is still higher. Because staffing in state structures, figuratively speaking, with one foot in modern independent Ukraine, and other leg – in the times of the Cossacks: “the” people lustration in spite of there not diminished. And the presence of “their” people, surrounded by officials, MPs, judges provokes the powers that be first on petty crimes, then to major.


The fate of no escape. Personally, I work everywhere, no matter how far I am from the office left, say, on vacation: definitely close to me something important about what to write. Of course, there is no way that I lie on the beach sand sunbathing, when suddenly 100 metres from me in the sea, falling aircraft… and then bsing! – a call from his office: “There you have the plane crashed. Do the news”.

But it so happens that very often next to me are people who talk about the mystery of life in the corridors of power. In a regular bus I can meet a friend or acquaintance that is telling that it is not believed it, if I did not know that this man is just talk, friendly conversation, in which to hide something does not make sense.

Lawyer Olga once in friendly conversation, talked about his career, which began in court. “I was one of the assistant referees. At first I was just doing fairly simple clerical work – read the claims in the materials of the trials laid out in different piles of things by force, civilian contracts. Then I was trusted to read these things. The work was time-consuming. Try to deduct the whole thing, from the claim, ending the interrogation of witnesses, protocols, conclusions of the examination, it is approximately 150 sheets, if already the court of first instance listened to, and the appeal was resumed a hearing on newly revealed circumstances. Anyway, I dragged these folders are everywhere – reading at work, reading in the bus, reading at home, went to work and read again. Then I went to the judge and told of their findings. Horror how hard it was. But I wanted to show that I’m worth something, that I know how to work. I also own the diploma is not bought – I studied. And when I saw that the judge hires some of the knick-knacker, some “someone’s girls” and they just serve their time, but not doing anything – I was greatly tired. Only then I realized that they, too, do certain work, about which I knew nothing. Until at some point the judge asked to deliver at the same address important documents package.

Usually we charge is delivery, but sometimes if you have to be very fast, the documents handed to the assistant and rush. I have delivered the package and got a new one, who asked him to convey to the judge. I did this job exactly. After some time one of the office staff that I saw during the delivery of the documents, came to the reception the judges and challenged me to a conversation in the corridor. Asked to deliver the package to the judge. I fulfilled this assignment.

Later in “the Smoking room”, I struck up a conversation with one of the “girls” from the reception and the judge hinted that the bag that I convey, not just the envelopes in the document… the money was invested. Several months later, the man who brought the package to the judge, he asked me to ask him: “is it Enough? We can increase the amount.” I’m stunned by this question, but didn’t flinch at the words the judge gave. After that, I no longer hide what’s in those envelopes with the money. Once I looked… Ira, you have no idea what amount was passed from hand to hand! I was very afraid that me will catch, but just could not refuse – could lose their jobs and source of income.”

Later Olga from the court resigned, he opened an office and engaged in private law practice.

At the same approx time, I tried to get used to a new schedule and take exams at the University. New work schedule required me to be “early bird” for “owl” is very difficult. Therefore, a frequency of a couple times a week I woke up late Wake-up and risked much to late, to bring down the wrath of the authorities. Since the car is not mine, had to use the bus, which went according to our schedule and my schedule to adapt is not wanted.

Saved me in this situation, the drivers which for the thousandth and one hundred thousandth time I was driving from the suburbs to the capital, and who was bored to see the same way again. I think of travel, they took out of boredom, and I once joined them. It revealed to me a secret part of the lives of business owners, hired top managers, deputies, prosecutors and the good people of the security industry. With some I became friends: if you accidentally saw in the city – Hello, although some who guessed that I work as a journalist, evaporated out of my life forever.

One of these drivers once showed me what a “dashing to drive a car” and at the same time proved that “scheme” is the part of life of officials and MPs, without which they are on her small salary would not live. That morning I faced the threat of delay and were ready to sell the soul, if only faster to reach the office. Somehow my words were heard by the Universe, and this driver, who drove to Kiev is clearly exceeding the speed dramatically slowed down and offered a ride.

The speedometer needle swung to the mark, “120”, when the SUV took off on suburban roads with a dirt road. After another minute, the speedometer was already at the level of “150”. Then I was afraid to look and just shrank into a chair, grabbed the seat belt, hoping to live to get to the nearest subway. The driver of the jeep, meanwhile, chatted about stuff, wondering will rain today, and asked what I do. I decided not to say that I work as a journalist and lied to, still learning – but not at the law school as it really was, and prepare to become a scientist.

The driver obviously liked my answer, he smiled and said that working in the Executive branch – is futile. “Scientists with MPs, don’t you? Right. Well, who are the servants in our time? People who live from paycheck to paycheck. Be an MP – that’s a real gold mine”. I hinted that bribery of a Deputy is a criminal act, and officials are “grateful” visitors. “It’s not the kind of gratitude that will allow us to maintain a large house, a family, to go on holiday abroad. A bribe in the form of gratitude, in the envelope, believe me, a thing of the past,” replied the driver. “Corruption has become something less?”, – not behind me. “The question is not corruption – all of who is in power, one way or another to defend their personal interests. Of course, immediately solve work tasks, but also about yourself don’t forget. What I mean is say I use schemes. The scheme allows to circumvent the law. You know? Formally, I and my colleagues do not violate the law, we’ll just use those spaces, those places in the law where not expressly prohibited to do so-and-so. Suppose I have a company that operates “in the white”, but I created it in order to obtain orders for the tenders of the defense Ministry. Technically I’m doing everything right, and applications are submitted correctly, and the requirements of the tender performed accurately. But I know I any tender necessarily get it just because I promised it. And if things work out, then I will be a grateful visitor,” said the driver and laughed. His eyes happily and greedily flashed, and it dawned on me that the scheme is not just earnings, it is also a source of drive. “Scheme – that’s it!”, – as if hearing my thoughts, said the driver.

More we have not seen, but the conversation was memorable.

A system similar to a business

The officials, MPs, judges for the organization of profitable schemes is no different from creating a business. I realized this when one friend told me he found a clientele among the deputies.

Below this description to submit, you need to use your imagination. Imagine a person who lacks salary for positions paid employee and he one day decides to open their own business. Of course, before you register a business or organization, this person first meets with friends and friends of friends. Offers a service or product. Watching how they respond and are these service-product to recommend. If out of 10 people who have good contacts in Parliament or the Cabinet, at least five said “that’s interesting”, then business has a future.

Further, the citizen of Ukraine makes a boring job: registers an enterprise opens a Bank account, hires an accountant, the Director and rent an office. Simultaneously, printed business cards, we designed logo and created website.

And then begins the “heat”: when the sales process is “gone”, at the expense of the company received the first funds, the entrepreneur takes a lot of work. He hires the auditor to minimize the cost of taxes. Start finding ways to hide from the state the actual income and maximum decrease in accounting and tax reports. Simultaneously, the entrepreneur calls up and meets with several potential buyers and partners.

“Find partners” – a cunning move, because business partners do the work and develop the business not for money but for the fact that their logo printed next to the logo of the entrepreneur in any kind of presentation brochures. But partnership also means that the management of firms will hold long talks, sometimes in several stages, so no detail was missed, and the interests of all parties were met. The reputation and the second one, and the reputation will depend on whether banks credit under your name, allow suppliers to delay payment, accept partial payment… will meet you just because you have a crystal clear reputation and you can believe every word? So from the talks, partners, and reputation of the business depends very much. Sometimes partnerships and trade relations are developing even years – for decades, because the world is full of talkers, and those who in fact performs its own terms – much less.

And, importantly, since the company opened and hired staff, every morning the owner wakes up with the thought “Where to take money? How much money must “drop” at the expense of the company, that the salary was enough for the family that is left? And I’ll have enough for operating expenses?”.

For example, in the morning I think about what kind of coffee you want to drink, with cream or without. And entrepreneurs in the morning, just forcing open his heavy eyelids, think of where and how much money they need to earn today to enjoy the fun under the title “business” has paid off.

They spend a lot of time on negotiations, meetings, inspection reports, talking with accountants and auditors; with employees who explain the current problem; with assistants who do business entrepreneurs, while they’re away.

But you need to really love his job very to believe in him to spend on this venture all (!) time to think about your business even at weekends; in bad weather, when rain, snow and continuous traffic jams; to think at night and early in the morning, during Breakfast and dinner, and even at the party. The owner also spends enough time thinking whether to write the business partners it is advisable to email or call. Do I need to spend money on advertising, or you can do without these costs. All these thoughts and actions are involvement in the process a thousand percent.

So any Business System is not just an office, a warehouse, a factory, a web site… It is a living organism, in which the blood flows of the entrepreneur and his heart beat.

As they say, procedural physicians, the system is viable, the more effort spent on it. If we’re talking about a business that operates for more than two years and all this time the organization showed at least some profit, it is a strong enough System that it would be difficult to destroy – whether competitors, or government agencies.

In procedural therapy is a description of the business as a System. The business System can be functional and viable, if not created only for the sake of money – must be some kind of goal, a task to be performed by the business. This may be an obvious task, the mission – for example, to feed the hungry children of Africa, and be sure there is a hidden problem that was the root cause of the opening of the company.

In search of vivid example of the hidden objectives of the business, I remembered the movie “the Social network”. The character Sean Parker told his story of business Zuckerberg. According to Parker, a music web service “Napster” he created in the first place, thinking about the girl who wanted to win. “Napster” was not a failure. I changed the music industry. And I created “Napster”, wanting to attract the attention of his girlfriend,” he says.

Yes, and the M. Zuckerberg, according to the film, during the creation of Facebook was also looking for ways to make peace with his lover. That is, both entrepreneurs were not going to do without money and profit, but at the same time, both looking for an opportunity to perform another main task is to become meaningful to someone.

So the scheme officials, MPs, judges – it is also a business that requires attention, reflection; investments, risk, negotiations, partnership agreements, and, of course, the mission – some important task that will only be solved when receiving a large amount and bypass the legal system to generate income.

“Why should they? Isn’t it easier to start a business?” – you will ask.

Exact answer I do not know, but procedural therapists would say that what is obtained with the application of great labour, effort, risk, is more valuable. The scheme will first need to come up with, then build it, and only one Scheme-the System will allow you to earn income. So before the pocket starts something to “drip”, and will have to be patient and to take risks.

The fight against corruption

It is important to understand that the man who created own Business or the Scheme invests in this case all the connections, all the money, all ideas, all forces, all that there is, without a trace. Accordingly, he risks everything, his entire life. In occult practice, there is a description of the condition risk, here it is: “the Path over the abyss sail of hope”. In other words, the risk in the Business or in the implementation of the Schemes is flying over the abyss, when you really something and can not fly. It could end at any second.

Experienced mediums, using the language of symbolism, said: this symbol is the Arrow. The boom in the occult is not an object, but a process: the entrepreneur has prepared, negotiated, invested, launched his company, took a chance and some time is not clear yet what will happen to all his plans. If you fly in airplanes, remember these words: “We are pleased to welcome you on Board our aircraft. Board No. 157 will land in two hours at the airport “Borispol”. Have a nice flight!”. You are already in the air, the airport has remained far away, landing just two hours, and nobody knows for sure whether the flight is good. When the Arrow is in flight, what can you predict? Nothing. You can only rely on the fact that all the preparatory work before launching the Arrow did right and maybe it will lead to the planned result.

So – in the scheme. And another thing: the start of the Business or Scheme is a process which can require very large casualties in the future. Sometimes, before transactions and after transactions are generated are situations when entrepreneurs are thinking not only about the possible bankruptcy, but also about death. I believe the officials are too close to it, when Ukraine start a “witch hunt” of the SBU, the Prosecutor General of the NAB, SAP, GBR. If someone involved in the Scheme, give up the slack, pass – wait for the special forces and the searches.

And here with these sharks shadow Schemes trying to fight the forces of people who are just salaried employees? The creators of the Schemes risk not only the position but also reputation, and freedom, and health, and connections, and sometimes the life of my family. And who comes to these officials and people’s deputies with a search warrant? People who receive a relatively small salary. The people whom the boss does not notice and does not respect. People whose motivation is close to zero. People whose boss works for the sake of medals and diplomas, just to curry favor and stay in office. People who do not defend any idea, and just mechanically performing some action and waiting when the clock is 19:00 and you can go home. People, which are in principle not interested in the result, they say, “Let the result, thinks the authorities.”

Question: can you name the officials who do not care about the result, a strong opponent? I don’t.

So the Ukrainian government could create a hundred anti-corruption agencies, but from the point of view of Systems theory, the staff of these agencies – just domestic dogs with bows who are trying to indict hardened predators. You have heard of cases that the dog gnawed the throat of the wolf? Law enforcement officers are bound hand and foot job description: little that is not made – exceeded the office powers, will go on trial. They are connected to the reluctance of its leadership to do the job for results, not for the sake of diplomas and medals. They lack confidence in the future: maybe tomorrow the suspect, who was handcuffed, released on bail and all this work will be meaningless. Therefore, investigators, investigators of the departments and work – as it allows them System.

And it turns out that the law enforcement system is much weaker Schemes, which are called “corruption”. But I would call these Schemes “entrepreneurial,” and the best – “the mafia”, because the Scheme can be implemented only with the support of like-minded people and in circumvention of the law. But if it’s not a business, so is the mafia.

Should I remind you that “the mafia is immortal”? Perhaps I failed to explain why.


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