Correspondents of the TV channel “Vesti” unsuccessfully tried to make a report about the joyous investors


Корреспонденты телеканала "Вести" безуспешно пытались снять репортаж о радостных дольщиках

Journalists of the TV channel “Vesti” addressed the participants of shared construction LCD “Maryino Grad”, to make a report on the completion of problematic objects in Moscow, but without getting positive responses, correspondents went along with the shell workers. This “MBH media” told member of initiative group of shareholders of the Moscow Sergey Verbitsky.

According to Verbitsky, the journalists were warned about the visit of the representatives of the developer company “the Capital Group”. The object brought two buses of workers, they cleared abandoned LCD snow.

“The corresponding task to remove the positive and joyful story of investors, who would have said how grateful they are that their building a few years later. But investors began to tell the truth. Not hearing anything positive, correspondents left, followed by left and workers for snow removal in other areas of Moscow”.

Dol said that for six months with the emergence of a new investor in the person “the Capital Group” the construction has not moved from a dead point, and the authorities help the old get rid of penalties and not go to jail for the output object 4.3 billion rubles. On the ground RC “Maryino Grad” seized for non-payment to participants of shared construction in penalties and termination of contracts. However, the apartment being transferred to new owners.

Earlier the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin has posted on its website a report on the decision of problems of the deceived shareholders. It RC “Maryino Grad” is in the list of facilities in the building.


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