“Corporotomy” Zhirik is stopping the Germans


"Чорноротому" Жирику Немцов мешает

There is a Ukrainian word “cordoroy”. So talking about someone who opens its black mouth to spread shit.
Zhirinovsky is consistent with this category but usually do not mention about it. And that mention currently lives in the world a clown, Yes, this clown has again brought the presidency – and Cho, like him and vote for him.
Show all… And many will vote because we have a lot of clowns like this, and brother-in-laws flock together. By the way there is already officially announced that 1 January 2018 ceased to exist, the Reserve Fund of the Russian Federation, because it just didn’t have the money. This is the same Fund that was supposed to feed future generations of Russians, when the end of oil. But the adventures of Putin-Zhirinovsky has devastated Ford. Billions profukali. But don’t worry – Zhirik again prooram in talk shows something Patriotic and people happily tell each other that everything is in order.

About Zhirinovsky to write – worse than a bitter radish. But the party (the editors) have said – Komsomol answered “is!”. Briefly respond to need, because the pterodactyl is not only screaming on talk shows, splashing poisonous saliva of hate (agree, good expression in the spirit of the propagandist Zorin and other Soviet scientists). So, not only is he yelling and spit flying, but also something said about all decent people, stand next to which he was not supposed to.

In particular, the creature responded to the renaming of the Washington square in front of the Russian Embassy in memory of Boris Nemtsov. It stated: “But there must be an objective assessment of… Many crimes were committed when he [Nemtsov] Governor of the [Nizhny Novgorod region]. Should be assessed, whose name is called square capital of America”

Yes, many crimes were committed in that period, it’s true. Only the Germans have not been convicted for any crime. However, our screamer at the same time, since 1993, has steadily rubbed his pants in the government and must be responsible for all those crimes, which were committed and are being committed now.
I hope that when Putin goes, the screamer will ask a lot of questions.

So, the square was renamed Washington – the Embassy now stands on the site bearing the name of Boris Nemtsov. On the bridge, where he killed Boris, is his national memorial, regularly demolished by the authorities, but regularly recovering people. After 24 year, I’m sure the bridge will be renamed and become “Nemtsov bridge”.

In General, from Nemtsov, is not too far off from us, new rasputinskaya Russia will be very much, but from the “comparativo”…
By The Way, Zhirik! Where with Putin new Delhi the Reserve Fund?!


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