Coronavirus is especially dangerous for hypertensive patients


Коронавирус особо опасен для гипертоников

During a pandemic COVID-19 people with diseases of vessels and heart are in the high risk group, as reported by the main non-staff cardiologist of the healthcare Ministry of Russia Sergey Fighters. The article, with its warnings and recommendations released today on the Agency’s website.

“Very quickly after the start of the pandemic, there is evidence that hypertension is very significantly associated with the likelihood of development of severe coronavirus infection, because it is itself a risk factor, and heart failure, and myocardial infarction, and stroke,” said Sergei Fighters.

Among the preventive measures of complications of arterial hypertension specialist calls: mandatory pressure control with help of medicines prescribed by a doctor and control excess weight. Obesity is one of the biggest risk factors. Also, you must include in the plan for the day of light aerobic exercise. For example, to make 10 thousand steps a day at an accelerated pace.


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