Coronavirus in Italy: 70% of the tourists refused to travel


Travelers masse refuse to go to Italy.

Many Italian travel agencies were under the threat of bankruptcy once because of the coronavirus foreign tourists overturned about 70% of the bookings in Italy, reports the with reference to Country.

“The cancellation was begun after authorities in several States are advised to refrain from trips to Italy. The number of cancellations reached 70%, and often they occur without good reason”, — writes the edition with reference to the Ministry of tourism of Italy.

Under the threat of bankruptcy was Italian firms, of which about 12 thousand. Suffer well as bars, restaurants, shops and other commercial establishments. In this regard, the industry Association has approached the government with request to take measures to prevent emergencies in the economy.

Tourism in Italy accounts for 13% of GDP, while in spring there are 30% of the annual turnover of the tourism sector.

“The problem is tourism is particularly relevant due to the fact that many countries, particularly Britain and France, adopted a series of restrictive measures for those returning from Italy. Representatives of the tourist industry asked to influence these States to weaken its insulation policy,” — noted in the Ministry.

According to the newspaper, the situation with coronavirus in Italy is developing bad scenario — the number of infected close to 400, 12 people died.


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