Coronavirus can be transmitted via parcel AliExpress


You can become infected through objects.

Russia does not rule out transmission of the deadly coronavirus nCoV via parcels ordered on a popular trading platform AliExpress, reports the with reference to Browser.

This was stated by head of the laboratory of Virology FNTS biodiversity terrestrial biota East Asia, far East branch of RAS Mikhail shchelkanov. He stressed that the virus could mutate and become more resistant.

“Tiny droplets with the virus that are formed when you cough or sneeze, are deposited on household items and people by touching them, it can become infected,” – said the expert.

At the same time in AliExpress say that the risk of transmission of coronavirus using the goods or parcels have not been identified, and the causative agent is sensitive to changes in the environment.

Leading infectious diseases doctor of Ukraine Olga Golubovska confirmed that the nCoV coronavirus can be transmitted through objects.


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