Copy of mom! Grown-up daughter of Tina Kandelaki came to the ball debutantes Tatler


Tina Kandelaki carefully hides his personal life. However, sometimes the star makes an exception and shares pictures of relatives.

So, the journalist has recently published in Instagram photo, the eldest daughter 16-year-old Melania. As it turned out, the girl together with her mother attended the annual ball debutantes Tatler.

However, Melania debuted last year. Bloggers noticed the amazing similarity of mothers and daughters: many noted that the girl was a copy of the Tina! Perhaps the role played by the adult makeup, and himself evening dress Melania. But members unanimously decided that the girl is incredibly similar to the mother.

Recall now Tina Kandelaki is married to Vasily Brovko — 29-year-old Director of communications, Analytics and strategic research of the state Corporation “rostec”. Prior to 2001, Tina was married to businessman Andrey Kondrahina, from whom she has two children: 16-year-old Melanie and 15-year-old son Leonty.


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