Copy mother: fans Olya Polyakova delighted with the fresh pictures of her daughter


Olya Polyakova has recently introduced a new photo of the eldest daughter.

All fans Olya Polyakova’s not only known that her eldest daughter Mary is the spitting image of you, only with dark hair. This time Superblondinka once again confirmed this fact, laid out in Instagram the new photo of Masha.

Now the whole family is Ukrainian singer is resting in Sri Lanka. Olga herself has not yet shown photos in bikini, as usual, but paraded the eldest daughter in a swimsuit.

Members of Superblondinka was delighted with the appearance of Masha and wrote a lot of compliments in her comments.

By the way, has not done without adventures and troubles in this family journey. Spouse Olya Polyakova’s injured leg, which greatly upset the singer.


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