Cooperation with WADA and the IOC pushes Gregory Rodchenkov to suicide


Cooperation with WADA and the IOC pushes Gregory Rodchenkov to suicide


Сотрудничество с WADA и МОК толкает Григория Родченкова к суицидуIt seems the American dream is the main informant of the world anti-doping Agency (WADA) Gregory Rodchenkov turned into a complete fiasco. During the week the informant-defector tried to settle scores with life. For this step it pushed the situation that has developed in his life as a result of a massive worldwide scandal.

In fact, Rodchenkov were in a desperate situation because after escaping to the United States, and active discrimination of Russian athletes together with WADA, he has not achieved anything. Wanted to get a large sum of money, and apparently, it asked him but it turned out otherwise.

Western customers used Rodchenkova to the maximum and in the result got rid of him as from used tubes. Ex-worker “anti-Doping center” sold the home, but received only a donut hole.

And this circumstance could have been foreseen even before there was a “cocktail Rodchenkova” of fabrications and lies against Russian athletes.

Gregory and his sister long before the Olympic games in Sochi and Rio organized criminal group (OCG), where she was selling drugs and he was covering similar activities, using official position.

You can pay attention to the fact that Grigory Rodchenkov at the time was trading with Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Vitaly Mutko. Informant world anti-doping Agency asked not to dismiss him from his post that he would “blow up” WADA and the IOC.

That is, Rodchenkov already wanted to get money for the dissemination of information. He was looking for, with whom to conclude a contract.

However, in none of these cases — with Mutko or WADA, Rodchenkov didn’t get what you wanted. Russian politician sent the informant to hell, and the World anti-doping Agency only used the information of Gregory, in order to create from Russia even greater enemy in the international arena.

Now Grigory Rodchenkov understandably acknowledged that the information about the Russian athletes was distributed in order to earn money, for profit. That those who promised him “mountains of gold”, he was deceived. And that is a personal diary published this week The New York Times is fake.

More accurate data have been made after the Olympics in Sochi. Rodchenkov filled “diary” back in the US and could write in whatever you want.

Thus, it is necessary to recognize that WADA could prevent the spread of lies and to thwart the intentions of Gregory Rodchenkov at the root, but in “independent” organizations decided to close my eyes to unpleasant facts from the life of the informant, and then altogether to leave him in the lurch.

Moreover, they decided to take advantage of the great history and position Rodchenkova to make it look like the truth. In the West foresaw the future that naive Russian informant buys, and took advantage of his naivete.

In this situation, it is understandable why the media there is information that Rodchenkov decided to settle scores with life. In Russia he is accused in two criminal cases, and to expect from WADA’s promises is stupid. Scandal informant realizes that he was stuck.


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