Controversial Internet star was in prison for electronic cigarette


Скандальная интернет-звезда попала в тюрьму из-за электронной сигареты

Pattaya police arrested and jailed the infamous Internet star, had discovered the electronic cigarette and liquid for vaping.

Under the leadership of Cinerama Tea-in (Chainarong Chai-in), the police of Pattaya organized a new checkpoint to protect the resort against crime and other illegal activities. It is in this position was stopped a suspicious vehicle Mitsubishi, at the wheel which was 29-year-old Manusa of Yaowarat (Manusaya Yaowarat), better known as Flexi Mandeng (Fluksri Maneedeng).

In October 2016 it provoked a major scandal, showing your nipples in Facebook. Later, the girl apologized for his actions.

Fluxi recognized that electronic cigarette and liquid belong to her. She said he bought it for 5 thousand baht.

At the police station, the girl quietly questioned, but it was crazy to resist when they took her to jail. It took the efforts of several officers to close it.

She shouted: “What have I done? For what you put me?”

According to some Thai media reports, the Internet star was drunk.


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