Congress finds the perfect timing to talk about Amazon’s ‘distortion of competition’


The United States Congress has called on Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s CEO, to provide a text and explanation about the operations of the web store giant under oath. People’s representatives want to ask him about possible distortion of competition by the tech company

The House of Representatives Review Commission has sent Bezos a letter calling for it. If he doesn’t heed, he can expect a subpoena.

Amazon has long been associated with distortions of competition. The reason for questioning Bezos is a recent article by The Wall Street Journal. The business newspaper wrote that Amazon misuses data from outside entrepreneurs who sell their wares through Amazon web stores. The company is said to have used certain information to develop comparable, competitive products.

If the article turns out to be correct, it would contradict earlier statements from Amazon under oath. During a July hearing, the company’s chief lawyer denied using any sensitive information from outside vendors.


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