Concerts in Russia will resume no earlier than September


Концерты в России возобновятся не раньше сентября

The Ministry of culture will prepare and submit to the CPS proposals for the work of concert halls in the epidemic of the coronavirus COVID-19 August at the earliest. Concert activity in Russia may resume in September, said Deputy Minister of culture Alla Manilova.

“It is impossible to predict the September requirements of sanitary-epidemiological security. Therefore, designed with the professional community requirements for the seats for spectators will be directed to the Federal service not earlier than August. Requirements for the conduct of the rehearsal process will be agreed in the near future”,— said Ms. manilow following the meeting of the working group (quoted by “Interfax”).

The basis the Agency decided to take offers of the Moscow Philharmonic. They reflect the approximate dates of resumption of concert institutions: the rehearsal they will be able to resume in the near future, to receive students in September. In addition to the standard measures of disinfection and compliance with social distance, will be considered “smart routes” for the movement of staff during rehearsals.

Earlier today the CPS issued their recommendations for the work of museums in terms of the epidemic. The Minister of culture Olga Lyubimova, declared that the Federal cultural institutions located in the regions where the removed mode of isolation, 9 of June to begin preparations for the reception of visitors.


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