Compiled a rating of countries with the most rigid censorship


In addition to North Korea, Iran and Saudi Arabia, ten included Turkmenistan and Belarus.

The Committee to protect journalists has named the ten countries with the most rigid censorship. The list published in the special report of the Committee to protect journalists (CPJ) on Tuesday, September 10.
North Korea;
Saudi Arabia;
Equatorial Guinea;
Of Belarus;

The list is based on the CPJ study on the use of tactics, ranging imprisonment and repressive laws and ending the spying on journalists and restricting access to the Internet and social networks.

The list includes only those countries where the government tightly controls the media. In countries such as Syria, Yemen and Somalia conditions for journalists often due to conflicts and non-state factors.

“Repressive governments are using sophisticated digital censorship and surveillance, along with more traditional methods to silence independent media,” stated the Committee.

In the three leading countries — Eritrea, North Korea and Turkmenistan — the media serve as the mouthpiece of the state, and any independent journalism is conducted from exile. The few foreign journalists who received permission to enter the country are under close surveillance.

Other countries in the list use a combination of hard tactics, such as harassment and arbitrary arrest and constant surveillance and targeted hacking, to silence the independent press.

“Saudi Arabia, China, Vietnam and Iran are particularly adept at using these two types of censorship: the imprisonment and harassment of journalists and their families, as well as digital monitoring and censoring the Internet and social networks,” the report says.


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