Company Mask will make an underground tunnel in Chicago


Компания Маска проложит подземный туннель в ЧикагоThe project involves the creation of thousands of small stations about the size of a Parking space.

Chicago chose The Boring Company Elon musk to construct high-speed Loop of underground roads to the International airport of O’hare, one of the busiest in the world.

One capsule called Loop accommodates up to 16 people. The capsule will move through the tunnel at speeds up to 240 km per hour. Travel time from downtown Chicago to the airport will decrease from the current 30-45 minutes to 12 minutes, according to the website Boring.

The company promised that the project would be “100% funded from private sources.”

As reported “Vesti. Economy”, in October last year, Elon Musk has published in Instagram a picture of the finished 152-metre section of tunnel near Los Angeles, the length of which in the end had to be 3.2 km.

In may, the businessman said that the construction of the first tunnel is almost completed and that only a few months, if The Boring Company will get permission from the authorities, the company will carry out the first free trip.

The Boring Company was created by the Musk in the end of 2016, after to fight the traffic jams it on his Twitter page suggested to create a network of tunnels under Los Angeles. This idea initially sounded almost like a joke, has received support from the subscribers of the account.

The businessman also previously announced the draft of a new form of public transport — underground electric bus, which can reach speeds up to 200 km per hour.

While The Boring Company is engaged in projects in Chicago and Los Angeles, Tesla has encountered difficulties when trying to establish mass production of electric cars Model 3 and to reach the production goal of 5 thousand cars a week. Last week Musk said that the automaker needs to reach their goal by the end of June. Some investors fear that Musk is trying to solve too many tasks at the same time, given his Executive role at Tesla, Boring and missile SpaceX.


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