Communication with aliens: a system for searching aliens


Связь с пришельцами: создан аппарат для поиска инопланетян Scientists from China have created the world’s largest radio telescope to track alien life.

Chinese scientists are first to come in contact with aliens, using the world’s largest radio telescope. The novelty has received name FAST. It was built in September of last year, and the cost of building amounted to more than $ 185 million.

The radio telescope can pick up signals from the most remote regions of the Universe.

Thanks FAST China has the highest chances of catching signals from two galaxies, including our own. Scientist Liu Zessin believes that this equipment is far ahead of the development of modern technology, and is more close to science fiction. It is noted that China in the next 5 years intends to invest in research more than $ 1 trillion.

Связь с пришельцами: создан аппарат для поиска инопланетян

Previously, scientists reported that Earth has collided with the alien planet. It happened about 750 million years ago. The astrologers came to this conclusion due to the topography of our planet, which indicates a collision with another planet.

Связь с пришельцами: создан аппарат для поиска инопланетян

Also NASA has addressed to mankind with an unexpected request – to come up with a name for the asteroid. Just a few days, the space Agency has received about one million applications offered by names. The company will send a probe to study the cosmic body in 2018.


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