Come On, Chingachgook! It’s time to hit the whites!


What in America is happening very strange things, it became clear in may, when three policemen strangled the hapless recidivist George Floyd and almost no one in the Federal government and the White house decided not to disperse erupted all over the country protests.

Вставай, Чингачгук! Пора бить бледнолицых!

Since then, it took only some six weeks, and the country has changed beyond recognition – in the now democratic States are not only fashionable to abuse and vilify the President on what light is, but to kiss passionately shoes blacks, paying for the past sins of the white oppressors.

By the way, the word “revile” in this case is appropriate to put the accent on the second syllable, not the third.

Meanwhile, insanity in America gradually and imperceptibly into uncontrollable and irreversible phase – and oddly enough, it sometimes brings its positive results.

It happened about this time.

To begin with, that the tribe of the Sioux Indians in 2016 sued the Federal government over the oil pipeline on their lands in North Dakota, and the land remained with the tribe under the Treaty of Washington with the people Muskogee, but in fact the Treaty was never fully implemented.

One of Vaidic Sioux, miss Ladonna Brave bull Allard (don’t be surprised in a tolerant society this is perfectly normal), almost tried unsuccessfully to defend in the Supreme court the right of the tribe to deny all oil pipeline last four years – however, it was built and launched, which created a real threat to the supply of the tribe with drinking water.

With the arrival of the time of St. Floyd, everything instantly changed for the better – and now last Thursday the U.S. Supreme court has not simply ordered the closure of the pipeline and dismantle it within 30 days but approved the tribe entitled to most of Eastern Oklahoma.

It should be noted that the indigenous population of the United States is very actively involved in the protest movement, creating the feds another layer of problems – one thing to fight with color and other freak on the streets and quite another to try to suppress the guerrillas from birth in a natural environment.

“This decision could have far-reaching consequences for the people who live on a strip of land, which includes a large part of Tulsa, and denounces the story of America the failed promises and mistreatment of its indigenous groups.

To add to this point, is to say that after years of demands to the team Washington Redskins American football to abandon its offensive name, the team looks poised to do just that. Currently, there is growing pressure on other sports teams such as the Kansas City Chiefs and Cleveland Indians to reconsider their own names and talismans.” (end of quote)

The decision of the Supreme court of the United States is not as harmless as it may seem at first glance. It set a precedent and now almost all the oppressed peoples of the US can count on such solutions – and the list of oppressed peoples can easily fit not only indigenous peoples, but also all sorts of blacks, Latinos and other LGBT activists.

If someone believes what is said about LGBT activists was a joke, it did not – the West has long been going all kinds of genetic studies on this issue, and now any gay and other drag Queens can be safely placed in a kind of tribes scattered around the world. The most divided nation in the world, so to speak, where there is Russian.

I in the beginning mentioned the insanity – from the point of view of state building, the Supreme court’s decision is idiocy of the highest order – a judge opened a Pandora’s box, from which you will definitely get effects.

However, they already climb into all the cracks – 4 July the leaders of the “Black Panthers” in Atlanta demanded to give them the state of Texas to create your own ethno-state. It is a day for such ads was chosen perfectly, as in independence day Washington is unlikely to be decided on confrontation with heavily armed blacks, one of the largest cities in America.

Honestly, I would love to see it all: the blacks in power, blacks run companies, the Negro blacks create television programs for black viewers, and the cowboys-Negros herd of Texas cows.

America unwittingly is crazy, because militant tolerance over the past decades is tightly killed the social immune system – and it is very difficult to predict how society will approach the November elections.

For the Federal government the situation is complicated not only by the large number of sympathizers of the Democratic party within the government itself, but the constant media noise, which pumped up the Americans from ear to ear. The situation in different cities even in the same state can vary dramatically, but if the capitals are raging protests and looting, in remote provinces, the inhabitants quietly lubricate the weapon.

The day will come when America will begin to shoot. Not like now, when in the same Texas shootout injured eight policemen and seriously and for real.

For America will escape, if the first starts to shoot the army and the national guard, cleansing the city from colored foam and freaks, but every day the chances of such an outcome less and less.

This means that we have to see the thrilling finale of this drama – and if on the territory of the United States in the end will be a dozen of the embassies of the Russian Federation, this will be the best result of the current civil war.

Come On, Chingachgook! It’s time to hit the whites!


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