“Come naked and get Breakfast”


"Приди голым и получи завтрак"

In one of the SOC. networking at a local cafe in the Urals is a beautiful event: come naked and eat for free.

"Приди голым и получи завтрак"


However, the organizers didn’t consider the requirements of the advertising legislation, the FAS has seen in the slogan, “Come naked and get Breakfast, lunch and dinner for the whole family for free!..By participating in this promotion, you consent to photos and videography…” violations. Currently is working on the establishment of the administrator group in the social network and the owner.Well, for brand, of course, a setup. Most likely, the merry -organizers working for the franchise. The way they have change and said it was a joke.

If the organizers are clear: there is an option that the guys made a joke, then where are these people ready to shove winter into a cafe naked for Saba 200 p.? You do understand the absurdity of the situation? To endanger themselves, the health, personal integrity, ethical and hygienic norms for the pair of three subs! It’s not a subway that is unfortunately the mass public are any problems. And tomorrow will be action: eat shit get on the telly, and people lined up, the freebie is the same as not to eat something. As for me as if the hut were distributed to parade naked would dare all and remained dissatisfied with that the whole night naked from the developer stood flat and was not given. What has become of society?


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