Colonel-“billionaire” Zakharchenko in “Lefortovo” announced the search for the missing money


Полковник-«миллиардер» Захарченко в «Лефортово» заявил о поисках пропавших денег

“Looking for a team of investigators in 20 people with the operational support of the FSB”

One of the most notorious cases of modern Russia — the case of the interior Ministry Colonel Dmitry Zakharchenko and “9 yards” — which is found in the apartment of his cousin, seems to be completed. But many people still have questions. Why the court did not call the owner of the money? Where did a significant part of this “treasure” in the process of the investigation? Zakharchenko responded to our questions, transferred to Lefortovo.

Why receiving billions in no way attributed to Zakharchenko? Even on episode for a bribe of 800 thousand fully justified him, and the result was that 13 years of the “Golden Colonel” was given for… a discount card of restaurant?!

“God bless him, with this Zakharchenko! But you don’t get the feeling that all of us, watching this story, just circled around her finger?” asked after the verdict of the renowned Professor, doctor of economic Sciences. Occurs.

Zakharchenko himself behind bars not discouraged, is preparing to appeal, singing the song with the words: “Bend the line”. If he wants to disclose at least now the mystery of the 9 billion? Ready to call the names of those who stands behind his story? And how he sees his future destiny?

About all this Colonel Zakharchenko in an interview with “MK” (we referred the questions to the prisoner “Lefortovo” through a lawyer Valery Tunikova).

FROM the FILE “MK”: “Zakharchenko was accused of committing three crimes. The first part 6, item 290 of the criminal code (receiving a bribe from the owner of the restaurant chain “La Mare” Mehdi Dusa in the amount of 800 000 US dollars).

The second — also part 6, item 290 of the criminal code (receiving a bribe from the same Mehdi Dussa in the form of property benefit in the amount of 3 million rubles for 50% discount card network of restaurants “La Mare”). Both crimes, according to the prosecution, committed Zakharchenko in an organized group with a Colonel of the FSB Senin.

The third part 3 of article 294 of the criminal code (obstruction of the preliminary investigation by the prevention of the sisters of banker Larisa and Galina Marukovich about conducting their search)”.

The mystery of gluttony ex-Colonel

— Did you expect that sentence to be so hard? Was shocked?

In shock I? Perhaps. Now (according to the practice of the courts) for killing a man give less. It turns out that the discount card catering is worth more than human life.

HELP “MK”: “Presnensky district court of Moscow on 10 June 2019, the met Zakharchenko for the key episode — the bribe — with the right rehabilitation. At the same time he was sentenced on the episode with the discount card to 12 years of imprisonment in a penal colony with a fine in the amount 117 160 990 rubles, with deprivation of the special rank of “police Colonel” and the state award — the medal “For distinction in protection of public order”. The episode with Marchukova Zakharchenko was given two years of imprisonment. Total by adding the partial final sentence amounted to 13 years.”

— The episode with the discount card many hit. This is the first time this kind of bribe?

– As far as I know, Yes. The episode card is black humor of the Prosecutor and judge of the Presnensky district court. Bribe food? Where notorious card? Given the fact that I, according to the prosecution, used it every day and sometimes several times a day, she had to be always with me.

If I have this card was, believe me, I would have said Yes, had a discount. If I needed the card as I would any normal person just asked her to the administrator or the owner of the restaurant. In modern world probably there is not one person who did not have any discount card — restaurants, grocery stores, clothing stores. Everyone, including civil servants, benefit reductions, this does not necessarily provide total protection.

Think about it, the card number, which I counted, 13 545, this means that such cards were issued over 13 000! Among the “happy owners” there are certainly a lot of high-ranking officials. These are all potential clients “Lefortovo”? They are all corrupt and in assisting restaurant owners with total protection?

— A good question.

— Then why, as the victims were selected is it just me? For which I got 13 years and a fine of almost 118 million rubles? Why I was stripped of the title?

Get ready, in case the appeal will not justify me in the episode with the map, the Investigative Committee shall initiate criminal proceedings at all “objectionable” civil servants who have any discount cards, according to article 290 of the criminal code, and in the case of civilians under article 159 of the criminal code. Fertile ground for abuse. Tomorrow it can touch anyone.

— And still why such a large amount of discounts? You will was appetite?

– Yes, I was also surprised by the voracity of a man who ate so much on this map, as many as 2.9 million rubles. Can only envy. If this data is, of course, generally not taken from the ceiling. View the listing for the discount card, and it is evident that one person could not physically eat so much. Besides, I do not drink alcoholic beverages, exercise, get on a routine and do not eat after 18 hours.

Witnesses who would sit with me at the table and saw me pay with the card, no. As and videos. And many days, again according to the listing, payment is made with a minimum period of time in several restaurants, “La Mare”.

So, I’m in a restaurant I haven’t had enough and went to eat in another restaurant? Astonishing gluttony. Billings showed that in most cases I even close to these restaurants was not.

In General, the data and the sums in the printout resemble the author’s literary style of Nikolai Gogol’s satirical exaggeration, reductio ad absurdum. For the fiction novel would be ideal, but for trial…

“Money I don’t need”

— In addition to the map you were convicted that you were warned about the searches Marcusovich. Though this is something you agree with?

— Of course not. Let me give a couple of interesting circumstances. At the time I was on vacation and planned the investigation I was not put on notice, I’m not interested. My production was a lot of things, I singled out “particularly significant” after hours tried to ignore it, to give time to his family, to recover. All interrogated witnesses of those aware confirmed that I never called, never wrote, was not informed about the searches, as this situation was ordinary and not worth it to bother me on vacation.

And most interesting is that the decision to conduct searches on specific addresses to specific individuals was made by the investigator only 01 hour 05 minutes 15 January 2016 (this follows from the corresponding resolution of the investigator). How could I know about these searches and to warn Marukovich yet 14.01 to 18.00? I celebrated the old New year in the company of friends. I heard that there is a transfer of “Battle of psychics”, but I did not participate, the abilities to predict the future do not have.

Maybe you are a fortune teller Nonna Mihai helped?

– I really was a witness that hereditary fortune teller. I also thought — maybe she’s the one predicted by Marchukova that they will be searched? But recently condemned under part 4 of article 159 of the criminal code of complicity with the same Marchukova.

By the way, important for objects during the search in the apartment of Marchukova was found. During these notorious searches one of the defendants, suspects in the embezzlement of budget funds in the amount of RUB 2 billion in the case of “Elektrozavod”, openly declared that they were warned about the RAID by the FSB, with whom he agreed. And threatened me that uses their connections and be sure to take revenge for the fact that I actively contributed to the investigation of this crime and sought to return the misappropriated billions to the state budget.

It’s not my imagination are the materials of my criminal case. Eventually I was “removed” from participation in the investigation by placing in “Lefortovo”, and a case of theft from the budget was buried, it was covered with dust on a shelf in the investigator’s office. The court called the names of high-ranking officers of the FSB, interested in my reservation and that the perpetrators of Grand larceny, took on the responsibility. However, no one is shocked, not write about it in the media and in General all try to conceal.

You know, my business has several features.

— And what?

– The destruction of primary sources of evidence (for example drives with votes). The method of prosecution witnesses — the second characteristic feature of my criminal case. All prosecution witnesses in the court called the investigator, and public Prosecutor. A large part (of course, the majority of defence witnesses) came to the court themselves, and was escorted from detention centers or under house arrest, testified in handcuffs, probably, not to say superfluous, contrary to the prosecution’s case.

Illustrative example — sisters Marchukova. After their arrest Larisa Marchukova wrote a statement in the CSS of the FSB about the pressure on employees of the FSB, which forced them to testify against me. In the end it turned out — the sisters entered into a pretrial agreement with the investigation within their criminal case, they were released from prison under house arrest in exchange for a reservation in my criminal case — although this know-how, this option of the criminal procedure law does not know. To testify on the agreement only in respect of defendants in his criminal case.

— The Moscow city court recently reduced the sentence to Larissa, she’s out. You did not hurt?

The sisters were threatened by the prospect of excitation of criminal case fake, which I shared with them stole the money “Nota-Bank” in bn size, what they openly told the court. And they broke down and signed everything that was offered to them by the investigator. But I’m not holding them evil — they are women, and women in life you have to give odds.

— The episode you guilty. You will achieve rehabilitation, if the verdict in this part come into force?

— To be honest, I was expecting an acquittal on all three counts. And still believe in justice.

— Did you notice that the sentence has nothing to do with any real money?

All the property and cash seized from third parties, are not subject to bribes and are not material evidence in the case. They were seized in the civil case and not a criminal seizure, because I wasn’t able to tie it to me and prove the illegality of their origin.

Presnensky district court of Moscow after 9 months, the trial found no evidence of my involvement in receiving any illegal funds. None of my requirements to give a bribe, there is no evidence of transmission and receipt, there is nothing at all. But I do not exclude that my name was used to extort money. This was the place to be in the case of the investigator for particularly important cases of SK of the Russian Federation Andrey Grivtsov, who was acquitted by the jury on charges of extorting bribes in the amount of 15 million U.S. dollars in 2014. Here I am, as Grivtsov, in the “cash episode” is justified. I will achieve rehabilitation, but only for the sake of restoring the good name. Money I don’t need.

You’ve probably offered a plea deal, why didn’t you?

— I bring the list of people who “need” to negotiate in exchange for the freedom of the father (it had just been arrested). This list was decent, the staff Guebipk, the FSB, the UK, the General Prosecutor’s office, entrepreneurs.

But they apparently got me with someone confused. I refused such a “vile” suggestions. To speak ill of others is despicable. How to live a scoundrel? There is a good song with the words: “Bend the line”.

I’m sure those people who make me almost 3 years in “Lefortovo” and that I “reported” upstairs received awards for my arrest, so they a week here will not last: will begin to negotiate each other and everyone that asks.

“I still would have gone to the police”

— Because they worked in bodies and know how to operate the flywheel, have you never thought that sooner or later he will grind you?

— During my service this is happening now in the UK was not. This became possible only after security services took control of a number of investigators. I think it happened after the arrest Maksimenko, Lamonova, nikandrova (Mikhail Maksimenko, former head of the URC RF IC — got 13 years for taking bribes from crime boss Shakro Young; Alexander LOMANOV — Deputy Maksimenko, was sentenced to five years; Denis Nikandrov — the former Deputy head of GSU SK the Russian Federation across Moscow, sentenced to 5.5 years for taking bribes. — Approx. “MK”). Now the Investigative Committee, in my opinion, there is no person that can be independent legal figure and not to listen to “requests” employees of special services.

— If I could take it, would have gone to work in bodies?

Yes. I would choose the same job. In law enforcement, a lot of normal, decent people, all depends always from the head.

I agree with the idea that until all the officials will be reduced by 50 percent, and managers at all levels to 60 percent, a positive result will not. It is important not the quantity but the quality and efficiency. The States are wildly inflated, so there is no proper control over all. I have a 52-m Department of Guebipk of the MIA of the Russian Federation the bioresources were only a few people. When I came to this position — the Department took “pride” in last place for performance, detection of crime, the additional accruals in the budget. After some time my Department has become a leader among all other departments. And the Prosecutor in the debate groundlessly accused me that I created the appearance of work…

Now joke that if the issue before with undesirable inspections could be solved by bribery to the official, now uncomfortable relying and principled enough to write a statement accusing him of corruption. Pseudoterminal in this case, the law exempted from criminal liability in connection with the confession and the investigative machine removes intractable 8-15 years in places not so remote. The wolves are fed and the sheep intact, as they say. Paradoxically, the fight against corruption breeds corruption, only in a more perverted form.

Cross daughter as the main evidence

— How to imagine the life in the colony and who would like to work there?

— I’m not broken. For me, though. I’m going to fight. What kind of colony you ask? Special prison for the innocent? There is no such. While others imagine a life not their own, and those employees who contributed to the fact that I was in “Lefortovo”.

HELP “MK”: “the Father of Colonel Zakharchenko is in jail No. 4 of “the Bear.” The other day he had a heart attack. So the inmates knocked at the door of the chamber that brought to the ears of all. In the end, the man managed to provide medical care”.

— Know something about my father? Worried about him? Possible correspondence between you?

— The verdict against my father, an honored teacher, has nothing to do with justice. It is not that other, as a way of pressure on me. Let me remind you how it all happened.

First he was thrown in jail for economic crimes, where he undermined his health (his father suffer from heart disease). Then released under house arrest, he realized that bargaining with me inappropriate. Then pulled the judicial investigation of his case in the hope that I will have to stipulate themselves in court — our processes “accidentally” ran parallel in two different courts. In the end, not succeeding, condemned for embezzlement of private wages.

Any expert in the field of criminal law will immediately tell you that my father, even in theory can not be the subject of the crime under the article on embezzlement, as any property not entrusted to him, and he could not have access to it.

— Is it true that your young daughter and son evicted from the only housing? By the way, the daughter returned the cross, which was confiscated by the investigator?

— Judge Kuznetsova Nikulinskiy district court of Moscow has paid state income only home my little daughter, Uliana. This apartment gave her grandfather. The court’s decision rendered in violation of the law: the apartment was declared in accordance with the law in 2014, 2015, 2016 — all Declaration with marks of the personnel Department of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation is in the case file. But the court decision insists: property Ulyana Zakharchenko declared. We appealed to the Ombudsman under the RF President on the rights of the child Kuznetsova with a request to take control of the situation with the withdrawal of housing young children in addition to flats and the hive was seized and the only dwelling inhabited by other small children.

— What?

My three year old son Gleb, and the children of my old friend, which I do not talk more than 5 years. But for some reason the Prosecutor and the court decided that housing for her and her husband I bought.

In response to the appeal came the reply that the Commissioner for the rights of the child is incompetent in this situation. Then what is competent? Children evicted to live on the street. Who will protect their rights? Who will stop this lawlessness? I as a father and as a citizen of my country I want to again refer to the esteemed Kuznetsova as a woman and independent public servant, defending the interests of the children to pay attention to these facts. Children should not be victims and hostages of the situation. Asking for objectivity and indifference.

A cross… a Cross daughter and have not returned. Probably, it has probative value. The main exhibit, the other was not.

Help “MK”: “the official version of the investigation in two apartments belonging to the half-sister of ex-Colonel Irina Razgonova, during the searches of 9 November 2016 was discovered a total of 8 billion rubles.

The apartment in Michurinsky Avenue – 600 thousand EUR 20 thousand US $ 19 million 495 thousand rubles. The apartment on Lomonosovsky Prospekt – ingot metal yellow with the imprint “Russia 500 g fine gold 999,9 В05024”, 342 million 285 thousand rubles, 1 million 471 thousand 220 euros, 124 million 84 thousand US $ 273.

Subsequently, the Prosecutor General’s office filed civil lawsuits against Zakharchenko and his family to 9.5 billion rubles. They were to be paid to the state. The amount formed from the cost of property, jewellery and money in the accounts of ex-Colonel, his parents and civilian wives. Among the effects of family Zakharchenko was 27 properties.

By the way, the head of SK Alexander Bastrykin at the end of 2017 reported that “accounting paper”, which was led by the mother Zakharchenko, opposite of the sum of 600,000 euros was written: “a trifle.”

— You have all been waiting sensational statements about who owns 8.5 billion found in the apartment of your sister. Maybe now it makes no sense to hide it? What happened to the confiscated money and property?

– I said I don’t have that money relationship. I do not impute these billions, they are not recognized as a material evidence on any criminal case, their illegal origin has not been proven.

Contrary to the misinformation that keeps appearing in the media and confuse the people, found them not in my apartment, and the apartment, which has owners and who said these funds your rights. Where am I?

Now it is quite a strange situation — if you have the apartment found drugs, it is presumed that it is yours to prove otherwise is almost impossible. Why, then, with money differently? Why the owners have to prove that it’s their money, if you do not have any relation to the civil service?

As a result of their confiscated under the auspices of the fight against corruption or extraterrestrial civilizations — it doesn’t matter, the main thing — time to report. And part of the money “lost” during transportation.

— By the way, about them. Found missing?

Not yet. While looking for a group of investigators in 20 people with the operational support of the FSB. That’s where the real sensation.

And here’s another. Where withdrawn from my relatives and unrelated property? They were asked one compatriot during a “Straight line” with Russian President Putin.

Now, mother of my daughter Semennoi were seized vehicle. Recently, she began to receive huge fines for violation of traffic rules every day. The car goes a certain citizen x, who moves outside the rules of the road and without speed limits and fines are recorded on the previous legitimate owner. Why the staff of the Federal property management Agency has not withdrawn the car from the account in traffic police? Who is the new owner of the “horse”?

The bailiff was not allowed to familiarize with materials of Executive production in the course of a month, and when these materials were received, it was discovered that the car and other property in the ordinary power of attorney transferred to Rosimushchestvo, the representative of the organization of garbage with the number of employees — 1 share capital 10 000, was — attention! — in the Altai territory. Is closer than 3000 km from Moscow, there was no organization that could implement this property?! The answer is obvious.

In fairness, as I understand it, you don’t really believe?

— Justice in the country can be, but only if you fight and go all out for this. It’s hard. It undermines the health, takes forever time, suffering family. But that’s the price. In “Lefortovo” the years are people without an objective justification and it is not 10 people, and much more. I admit, there are those who really committed the crime, even admitted this and signed a pre-agreement. But what about the others?

Judges are afraid to even extra defense motion to satisfy, to make an independent decision. That’s all right. But justice begins first and foremost with you, the ordinary citizens! And the more the media will be objectively cover the events, as in the case of Ivan by Holonovel, and justice will be more.

You never showed that you’ve lost your nerve. But the sentence you and the father did not lead to complete apathy?

Is the best tool in combating the daily work. I work with the case materials, read, do exercises. In life there is nothing impossible to man. There are certain stages that need to go. I’m sorry (full of strength and desire to benefit the country) are now deprived of this possibility. Temporarily. As the song from my favorite poet Vysotsky: “I will water the horses. I verse dopey. A little more to stand on edge.”


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