Coffee took the blame in heart palpitations


С кофе сняли вину в учащенном сердцебиении

Caffeine, contrary to popular belief, does not cause dangerous increased heart rate, and containing beverages are beneficial to health. About the study of American physicians, published in the journal Arrhythmia & Electrophysiology, reports The Telegraph.

Doctors found no Association between changes in heart rate and daily consumption of standard drinks containing caffeine products (coffee, chocolate and tea). The researchers said that physicians need to reconsider their point of view about the consumption of coffee.

The doctors watched 1388 patients without atrial fibrillation (among them 46% of men with an average age of 72 years), of which 840 people ate every day caffeinated products. With the observed underwent Holter monitoring (continuously for 24 hours removed electrocardiogram).

“Regular coffee consumption is associated with lower risk of diabetes type II diabetes and other cardiovascular risk factors such as obesity and depression, write the authors of the study. — Coffee lovers have lower rates of coronary heart disease and mortality”.


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