Cocktail for Budanov


Коктейль для Буданова

Unknown threw a Molotov cocktail into a memorial stone to Colonel Budanov, what is on Komsomolsky Prospekt. How to write the news Agency, the device threw a woman in a hijab and a man. What clothes he had, not specified.

Quoting yourself is awkward, but recently, commenting on the trolling of the Moscow authorities in relation to the plate Nemtsov, which hung on the wall of the house by decision of the residents, I described a mocking statement of the city hall that the sign is illegal and should be hang inside the house. So, in the comments I reminded that a memorial stone for the killer of the Chechen girl Elza Kungayeva, is in peace with flowers. Except that it is a monument to the killer (proven in court and Budanov did time), and so, in addition, it is in fact a violation of the same law by which it is impossible to perpetuate the memory earlier than ten years. But the government has always pandered to the nationalists, and especially now, because the nationalists, too, must vote for Putin, so the monument is not touched.

And here came the news.

But I’m sure no hijab had nothing to do with it. If Kadyrov really appreciated your people, on behalf of which he makes threatening statements, you would talk with Mr. Putin, to the shame removed.

But the monument was apparently Kungaeva Kadyrov is not very interesting.

But otvetochka came anyway.

There are three clear version.

First, the Chechen, I believe, because it is not clear why the attack on the monument was not before, for example, immediately after installation, while seething emotions. It is possible, of course, that some Chechens who hate Budanov just remembered about the stone — rather, they are recalled in connection with a sign Nemtsov. But why wear a hijab, pray tell? It’s like the famous business card Yarosh — by the way, it is strange that it is not found at the scene of the arson to blame Ukraine.

The second version — Yes, you may find it strange that someone of the big fans Nemtsov decided to take revenge on the city. The logic is simple — there will be signs? — very well, then there will be no stone. It will explode, ignite or throw green paint.

There is a third version. Imagine that the city decided to remove the stone below the monument is the real killer stood in the center. How to do it, to Natsik’s not out on demonstration. You need to follow the well-known principle — “you can not defeat the Nazis — to lead them.” Take two of the FSB-schnick, which gently throw the cocktail at the monument, dressed in a rented two hours a hijab. After which the city removes memorial stone that he was not a stone of contention and terrorism. If one attack is not enough, blow up the second time, and that will assume responsibility LIH (forbidden, on occasion, in Russian)

That version, or this — the important thing is that you start gambling popular fun — trolling stone Budanov.

Bad only one thing — it will not help Nemtsov — a tablet to his memory is still not allowed.


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