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Coach Adele shared her diet due to which she lost 45 pounds


Fitness instructor famous singer said, making Adele dropped 45 lbs. weight loss Secret – special diet and exercise.

Personal trainer British singer Adele Camila Gudis spoke about how the actress managed to get rid of excess weight. According to Gudis, Adele kept a strict diet and engaged in fitness, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to Корреспондент.net.

31-year-old celebrity has already lost 45 pounds. To achieve such impressive results, the singer was able to help with training and harsh diet. Daily caloric singer was 1000 kcal. Also she was drinking green juices.

“It’s a good diet to lose weight. The first week intensive, green juices and eating 1000 calories. Adele doesn’t look too skinny — she looks amazing,” said Kamila Gudis.

She told me that trained Adele, together with her friend – the wife of singer Robbie Williams Ajda field. Classes were held in the house of Williams.

“When it came to training, I didn’t know who it was, and when she left, I thought, “Oh, she looks like Adele,” shared fitness instructor.

Gudis also added that Adele looks gorgeous due to the fact that changed not only food, but also your lifestyle.



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