CNN’s lying, admired Fox News


CNN врет, как дышит, восхитился Fox News

In the case reported CNN about the possible collusion of trump with the Russian channel made a conscious decision to tell their audience what they want to hear, knowing full well that this story is faked, said the host of Fox News Tucker Carlson, commenting on the confession of one of the producers of CNN. According to Tucker, what is happening now, nothing like decomposition.

Good evening! Welcome to the program, Tucker Carlson Tonight. For quite a long time it was obvious that the story about Russia and the tramp is essentially a fake. The grounds for criticism of the administration of the tramp you can find, and there may even be several. But the cooperation with Vladimir Putin in this list are not included. But why other news channels are still acting like this silly little tale about the conspiracy equivalent of the Nuremberg trials?

Until this morning we could only speculate — and we do — but now we know for sure. James O’keefe in the framework of his project Veritas released a new video, which CNN producer John Bonifield explains the essence of this case. He acknowledged that the communications channel on this issue is, quote, “nonsense”. See for yourself.

VOICE-OVER: to be honest, this whole thing with Russia is nothing more than just nonsense?

JOHN BONIFIELD, producer CNN: Maybe nonsense. Now for the most part it is — nonsense. Concrete evidence we have.

VOICE OVER: Why is CNN constantly talking about Russia?

JOHN BONIFIELD: for the ratings.

VOICE-OVER: the ratings?

JOHN BONIFIELD: we now HAVE incredible ratings.

Incredible ratings! And no matter what the Central story is not true and distracts people’s attention from important events that actually occur in the world, or — and this is perhaps the most important — it damages our foreign policy in such a way that as a result, affected the vital interests of America. Who cares?! For them the main thing — ratings! Only it matters.

According to Bonifield, CNN President Jeff Zucker actually gave orders to his reporters to leave the real news and go back to Russia, it’s the goose that lays the Golden eggs.

JOHN BONIFIELD: I shouldn’t say this, but my head yesterday discussed the material about the teeth , and he said to me: “I want to let you know what we have around here. Here’s the context: President trump led the United States out of a climate agreement, and we have a half day covered this climate agreement. And at an internal meeting, the General Director of CNN said, “All who were engaged in covering climate agreement — well done. But we finished, returned to Russia.”

VOICE-OVER: the Head of CNN?



JOHN BONIFIELD: That is, even climate agreement, he said, enough for the whole day or two, and then need to return to the theme of Russia.

Yeah, want to explain something more complicated, such as science, then good luck to you!

If you are in doubt about whether the video is authentic, I would say: even CNN does not dispute the authenticity of this video. They are also not making any attempt to pull away. If the media engaged in the production of real news, was caught on the promotion of false conspiracy to obtain from the advertisers more money, it at least felt obliged to explain. But this is not the case CNN? Instead, they issued a statement in which, in a nutshell, expresses support for the producer was at the center of this story.

It reads as follows, quote: “the diversity of personal opinions gives strength to the channel CNN, we welcome and gladly accept it.”

Of course, diversity. Say this word five times, and you will forgive all. It’s just like magic! Progressive the equivalent of magical spells. Of course, the irony is that the American media at the moment, just the same lack of diversity of thought. Almost all the journalists in Washington are passionate about the Russian theme. Those who hold a different point of view, are under attack from their colleagues, and write them down in the servants or trump, or, what is worse, Putin himself. The goal here is to make all the media more stupid and far more trusting.

Just yesterday, CNN was forced to fire three journalists after they published a false story in which ally trump Anthony of Scaramucci tried to link with the Russian government. This article was absolutely incorrect, pretentious and with a small number of sources. But here is the interesting thing: not one American edition did not pay attention to this story.

In the end, she picked up Sputnik News — media company, which in the truest sense of the word has, as it is neither ironic, the Russian government. The question is: where were the zealous guardians of our own press? Of course, they were under the hypnosis of their own prejudices. This story confirmed their preconceived notion that the news is true, even when it is not.

By the way, it’s not just CNN. If you remember, in December last year, The Washington Post stated that Russian intelligence literally hacked into the power grid of our country. Every detail of this story is absolutely not true. However, The Washington Post is published. issued an article which stated that the company The Trump Organization was secret server connection with Russia. The fact that this story is fake, does not prevent its publication.

Even good old C-SPAN is probably the most straightforward of news media in the world, staffed by excellent people, in January this year fell for the story about the “red threat”. They said that they have cracked the Russian media, but it never happened.

Partly it’s just hysteria: that moment when you convince yourself that the monsters under your bed are real. However, partly we are talking about something more sinister — a deliberate decision to tell their audience what they want to hear, even when you know that the Central story is not true. This is called decomposition. It is happening now, and these records demonstrate that.



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