CNBC: while for s-400 are lining up, Russia is adopting the s-500


CNBC: пока за С-400 выстраиваются в очередь, Россия принимает на вооружение С-500

The head of the Corporation “rostec” Sergey Chemezov has declared that is antiaircraft-rocket complexes With-500 will soon go into service, writes CNBC. Such a statement he made during a recent interview to one of Russian TV channels.


Chemezov also added that these systems, which, as noted in the article, an enhanced version of the s-400 has already been made and after the test will be in the Arsenal of the Armed forces of the Russian Federation.


“This is a more modern complex. I would now like to talk about it, it’s still the service is not necessary. I think that in the near future will be”, — said Chemezov.


According to Moscow, these systems are able to intercept hypersonic missiles, drones and aircraft, including low observable F-22 and F-35.

Earlier, Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Yury Borisov said that s-500 will begin to enter the army earlier than originally planned. He explained this step the fact that the complexes, a series of tests that completed successfully.


Channel CNBC reminds that in may 2018, from informed sources in the American intelligence was able to learn about the conducted in Russia testing s-500. Then the complex successfully hit its target at a distance of nearly 300 miles (480 km).


Meanwhile, more than a dozen countries have expressed a desire to buy Russian s-400. This step, as noted in the article, can cause against the state, procuring these weapons, they will be sanctioned by Washington in the framework of the law “On counteraction to opponents of the United States through sanctions”, which was signed in 2017, the American President Donald trump. So, in September of last year, the United States has imposed sanctions against China for the purchase of Russian fighter jets and missiles. Agreement for the purchase of s-400 have already signed China, India, and NATO member Turkey.


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