Club postradala: “nightmarish Soviet childhood”


Клуб пострадальцев: о "кошмарном советском детстве"

I was incredibly lucky in life! I realized this when I read some of the memories of the revelations about the horrible and fierce Soviet childhood, written by bloggers, politicians and publicists.

They allegedly conspired to tell everyone about the sticky mess in kindergarten, cold, slimy scrambled eggs in school, podtuhshie burgers in the summer camp and smelly coffee (shame and slop!) in the student cafeteria. Particularly disgusting they were fed “on potatoes”, that is on farms, where they drove the future luminaries of science is to help the collective farmers to harvest.

It reminded of a scene from some American Doc. film, where broken men of the Housewives were sitting in a comfortable chair and slip a psychologist… all of their children’s resentment. Exactly — children. Supposedly liberate the past from the fetters and untie the knots in the present. Then that will make you feel better. Still there are clubs of anonymous alcoholics, for example, or people living with HIV. We have — not.

In our area formed a circle of victims of the Soviet catering. Club Nadoedala and Postradala.

And I, as it turned out, was just lucky! We did not have rancid pancakes and concrete Saeki. And the yogurt is delicious, as is said alien character Smiley from “Guests…” Yes!

My grandmother, if they were standing in line for sausage or meat, you never took me with him (another psychological trauma, described by nadoedala is standing in the cold for some delicacy, with the indispensable grandmother, and her a priori mind).

However, I was never a fan of sausages, so I was lucky — I managed perfectly well without Finnish sausage, which killed ancestors nadoedala, and then do nadoedala.

In my Soviet childhood there was a Christmas tangerine gift (also new year) sweets — the Kremlin towers, wonderfully smelling of real chocolate, a normal school canteen (no, I was not in your elite nurseries with languages, and the usual school yard). My grandmother was a good cook, and she got it exactly cakes, not what you write there, dear nadoedala. Maybe be honest at last?

Maybe your mother was simply no time to indulge pickles? — it still worked, as the vast majority of women.

Thus, the eggs themselves, you and dad — it still reads “Soviet sport” and he doesn’t care what the “jam” of Rinat Dasaev and Elena Vodorezova. Or my grandmother believed that the bread and butter and tea with sugar is the best Breakfast?

It can be understood, given golodnova youth and the military life. Or you can not nakushatsya pineapple that finally surged in the 1990s?

Is right, the feeling that some of our contemporaries try to blame any current problems… porridge in the kindergarten (just like those desperate Housewives — husbands broken on the stove. Or about what’s on the Oklahomschiny beaten wives and a Squaw?)

I was lucky — I was in kindergarten did not go.

Summer in the country — we cooked and did other preparations for the winter. Old — more post-war Apple. The currant bushes. Grandpa went to the state farm “matveevskoye” to choose seedlings. Strawberries. Lucky me — grandpa moreover, up to 80 years, went to work, he dug in the garden.

The Soviet garden was a kind of analogue of the old regime of the estates — in fact and in spirit — and a decent lady (of course in classical literature) always cooked gooseberry cherry Yes.

Grandma and cooked. And nadoedala and postradala had some sad grandma — fed boiled doctoral sausage and undercooked potatoes. More precisely — wrong roast. Of course, we had special access to the benefits of socialism — my mother worked in the Ministry, and then in the office with the brand label “Zarubezhtransstroi”.

Yes. There was the infamous “orders” with black caviar, sausage format “salami” and some salty nuts of imported bulk. So I did not argue — lucky! And in 1984 she brought me from duty-free box of Danish cookies. A magical thing if it was real! But I and our oatmeal loved to eat. And “Jubilee” still in love.

In my childhood was delicious glazed cheese, bought in a normal grocery store and butter purchased there. Recently there was advertising on TV just advertised cheese. Guess from three times, how is he called? Okay, I’ll say: “Soviet tradition”.

Why would the current business bosses to give their products a losing name? Business people are very concerned about the problem of naming — that is literally the “naming” of a product to its successful implementation. (At the same time, since you are still here, we advise you to read the classics of the genre — Philip Kotler “principles of marketing”).

Baked goods also did not cause any negative emotions. The softness of the bread was tested with a special spoon attached (tied, bolted) to the window.

And yet there were found bagels, buns for 3 kopecks, a loaf of bread “Sverdlovsk” bagels and other baranochki. Remember! You too lucky. Some here write that they donut format “chelnochok” (so long) were brought from the nearby town. And so is the deficit. Again, not arguing — everyone was a Soviet Union and their bagels.

We have in front of the house was tea — just tea, not just a cafe. There were served cake from cheap rings, sprinkled with nuts to luxury eclairs and meringue. And there’s tea not diluted, and poured not from a garbage can. Here’s the cafeteria “diet” in the neighborhood — she was much more boring. There was a smell…not really. Only I remember more and more then the tea, not the canteen.

I have no children’s psychological trauma associated with the cutlets. Maybe selective memory or — Yes, lucky, I guess. Tea — remember, and what was fed in the not-fragrant dining — no. Of course! Instant coffee was considered a deficit, and tea bags — especially with fruit flavors.

Remember the delight, which has caused imported from abroad Pickwick teabags. Or all those notorious gum. Or — Finnish candy with liquor Fazer. Curiosity-damn thing. About how in the movie “Caviar overseas — eggplant!” Well, now you have bathed a cheesy rastvorami in their offices?

All out of bubble all bubble-gum? Realized that the tea should not be in the beautiful bags, namely, tea? And it’s cake. Remember the “Gift” with nuts? Or Flight of the meringue? Or maybe “bird’s milk”? Here it is, Yes, also in short supply there. And now there is no deficit, and taste — too.

More precisely, it is, but expensive. This is probably correct. Civilized capitalism — such. (Once we elected him as the best of ways), but to criticize Soviet childhood, to smear him in some sticky mess — no, no. We were well fed, happy and ready to work and defence, and what your kids wish sincerely.


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