Closed publish 14 million users Facebook was free


Закрытые публикации 14 млн пользователей Facebook оказались в открытом доступеThe administration of Facebook has brought users apology.

Private publication 14 million users of the social network Facebook, which was restrictions on viewing, appeared to be shared due to a technical error.

Reportedly, due to configuration errors account information was changed without the knowledge of their authors. As a result, the messages and the content sent to a small group of people became available to a wider public.

It happened from may 18 to may 27 of this year. It is noted that the staff of Facebook have encountered an error on 22 may, however, change the settings of already published messages, only five days later.

The cause of the error was to test new features.

The administration apologized to the users and has already started to notify them. The company noted that the system failure has been corrected.

“We would like to apologize for this mistake”, – quotes Agency the words of the company’s employee Erin Egan, who is responsible for the protection of personal data.


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